Saturday, December 01, 2012

What the world really thinks of Israel

[Jerusalem - 2012- doubleclick for fullscreen]


  1. Jasmin11:57 AM

    Disgusting video. Jack, your point is false. This is what Jewish populations around the world think of Israel, not the world itself, what a silly observation. In fact, this sickening video ironically attempts to propagate a view of "world" acceptance yet it a the very reason the world hates them. Jews from China, Russia, Germany, everywhere out on the streets of Jerusalem which it occupies from the Palestinian natives. This blind-sightedness would be laughable only Palestinian families continued to be murdered as a result.

  2. Jamin shows once again what an ignorant douche she is. Few of those people are Jews. They are Christians from all over the world. And there are almost twice as many Christians in the world as there are Muslims.

  3. Anonymous8:55 AM

    That is true Jack, though that will change soon. Muslims are outbreeding Christians at an astonishing rate. Many Christians in the western world have adopted a lazy materialism as their lifestyle and are abandoning the Christian faith entirely. Soon the Muslims will be a majority, the Christians a minority. There are significant muslim minorities in every western country - their birth rate is much higher. Muslims have assumed control of international finance, media, medicine, the professions, and dominate the United Nations. Muslims seduce, convert and marry christian women. Muslims are incapable of experiencing empathy. In time, they will begin to rival the number of Christians in these countries. Then its only a matter of time before the introduction of shariah law and the zombie apocalypse. We need to act now, we need a final solution to the Muslim problem. We need it now. We need to introduce strict anti muslim measures and take steps to reduce their population. We need to force them to wear identification on their clothes - a crescent moon, perhaps. (Since not all muslims are brown, some manage to escape the net). Once we have them identified and catalogued, then... We'll see. What do you think? I don't believe there are any historical parallels. If there are, its purely incidental.

  4. Actually, the fact is that Muslims in general, and Arabs in particular, are doomed. Their sole countervailing advantage they have had has been oil. The expansion of natural gas supplies in North America, Russia, South America, and Central Asia means that the world will have an energy glut that will begin in the next few years and continue the rest of the century. To put that in context, the Arab Spring was not a series of rebellions but in fact a series of collapses of regimes unable to even begin to address the needs of their people. The gross national product of Saudi Arabia, for example, has fallen by half in real dollars in the last twenty years, during which its population has almost doubled. I strongly suspect that that contraction of income has not been shared equally among all classes. The recent history of the US and of other countries has shown that unequal distribution of benefits causes little unrest - unequal distribution of hardship causes a lot. Egypt, Syria, Yemen, and Pakistan are in even worse shape because they don't have even the oil prop to delay the collapse.

    Islam makes a great flag, but a lousy meal. When a regime collapses, it matters little whether the government slogans that became meaningless were Islamist, nationalist, or anti-Israel. Without oil money to grease the wheels of European politics, the inherent unpopularity of immigrant populations which make no secret of their contempt for their host populations will lead to a series of restrictions on Muslim immigration between Muslim countries, then to Eastern Europe, and finally to Western Europe. If there are serious terrorist incidents, the slide toward restrictions on Muslim immigration will accelerate.

  5. Anonymous11:13 AM

    I agree, this is why we need to round up all of the Muslims and concentrate them in various camps... For their own 'protection'. Thanks Jack, its comforting that some Jews haven't allowed their own past experiences cloud their judgement over such a vital matter. Muslims are rats, whose natural habitat is the sewer. The sooner we return the rats to where they belong the better. I think the Israeli's have the right idea in Gaza. Instead of constructing camps with tens and hundreds of thousands of troops to man them, why not just build a wall around the Muslim areas and force them to turn in among themselves? Sure, that might cause further radicalisation and drive young Muslims further into the arms of Islamic fundamentalism, but who gives a shit about that? Muslims are rats after all, and rats above all else need to be controlled. Their movements need to be monitored and they need to be confined to areas where you can bomb the shit out of them in case one of them manages to break free and takes a shit on your lawn.

  6. Anonymous, you are such a hypocrite and racist. Why is it that your country does not permit unrestricted immigration from Bangladesh and other poor countries? Why do you build a wall of immigration officials at every airport, seaport, and border crossing into your country? Yet you condemn such controls only when Jews do them? Could it be because you are a racist and a hypocrite?

    One fifth of Israel's population are Arabs. How many Jews do the Palestinians tolerate in the areas they control? Hint: the answer is ZERO. Yet you abuse the Jews not the Palestinians as the xenophobes. Why is that Anonymous? Which are you - a racist hypocrite or a complete moron?

  7. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Hi Jack, I don't think you quite understand. I agree with most of what you have to say, but you are at times irritatingly moderate and liberal for my tastes. You and I agree that the muslim is a menace, beneath contempt, and ought to be controlled. Why do you react in such a bizarre way to my comments? I believe the containment policy in Gaza is perhaps the most enlightened and logical of strategies thus far devised in order to control the international muslim, who will wreak havoc on western civilisation if their progress is not impeded.

    I read somewhere recently about a drug that we could add to the Muslim water supply that would have the net effect of eliminating their fertility. This would make it impossible for them to produce more children, and as such, bring their population back into control. This, along with Israeli policy in Gaza, might very well bring an end to the Muslim menace once and for all.

  8. Anonymous actually the problem here is that you are a stupid troll and think that anyone will fall for your juvenile baiting. The underlying problem is that you are so stupid that you cannot understand that most people, including me, are smarter than you are. Given your combination of stupidity and bad character, you meet your own criteria for being inferior.