Sunday, January 07, 2007

Humor in the News

Am I the only one who finds the Bush's request for more troops for Iraq humorous? The domestic argument over the war has gone something like this:

The Democrats all voted for the war initially so they cannot claim to be against the war, even though they have become so as the war has become unpopular. Since they have yet to articulate an argument other than that wars and casualties are bad, it appears they are opposed mainly because the war has become unpopular. (The voters expected a short war and have no stomach for a long one.) They argue instead that the Bush administration has botched the war, managed it badly. That Rumsfeld ignored advice that more troops would be needed has been the main argument. Bush has called them on it by asking for more troops. The Democrats are cynical enough to be willfully and publicly deaf to the hollowness and hypocrisy of their opposition to the troop increase.

The correctness of my position of contempt for both parties continues to be writ ever larger.

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