Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wonderful News

Among the more irritating features of a long bicycle trip such as I went on last summer is the ubiquity of immense over-powered gas guzzler pickup trucks. The most successful distributor of these environment-killers has been Ford with its huge F-150, huger F-250, and ludicrous F-350. These things piss away gasoline at such an embarrassing rate that Ford and the other sellers of these climate wreckers have wangled an exemption from publishing the EPA fuel economy ratings on them. The wonderful news is that because of its greedy and irresponsible reliance on these profitable but otherwise pointless display pieces Ford lost $12.9 billion (billion with a 'b') last year when sales of pickups moved down as gasoline prices moved up. It was Ford's biggest loss ever and the second biggest loss ever suffered by an American corporation.

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  1. Al Tercocker8:04 AM

    You young wiper-snapper...What do you know! I've got my entire retirement, my life savings, tied up in the Ford Motor company. If they go down the drain, I go with them, and so do a lot of other old timers. Oh well, I have a Ford Expedition, the biggest SUV on the road. Six miles to the high test gallon. But If I lose my home, I can live in my car. More roomy than my tiny apartment. Sleeps three almost comfortably. Let's see you do that in your damn Prius.