Thursday, February 01, 2007

Larry P Asks

LP asks:
What if you're a Filipino American who grows up in urban New Jersey who then
attends Rutgers. At Rutgers you read some Arab literature about how Isr has
oppressed the Arab people. Without much investigation you accepts this
simple explanation of the cause and effect of events. He has not heard
much contrary to this story. He then concludes that Isr gets a lot of
support from the US and no wonder the Arabs are so angry at the US and not
so much Eur and Russ? He has no anger at Jews just as he has no real anger
at Arabs but he thinks US foreign policy is titled to the direction of Isr.
His view of Jews is that they are successful for the most part affluent
people as he has seen growing up in and around the Phil area. He even has
some drinking buds that are Jews. In a survey he does write that part of
the problem with US foreign policy is that it has a bias towards Isr over
the Arabs.

Does this make this young adult an antisemite ?

Scenic Route thunders back:
Absolutely. What difference does it make how innocently he comes by his antisemitic persuasions? A guy who assumes that Canada is always in the wrong in all its dealings is anti-Canadian no matter what reasons he gives nor how many Canadian friends he has.

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