Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Career

Further research has revealed what is meant by Terra Industries' (TRA) "nitrogen products" business. It is a British euphemism for fertilizer. I may have failed as a lawyer, but I am at last in the business of selling bullshit. My parents would be so proud.


  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    It is rumored in factless places that Britney Spears is about to accept the Jewish faith - is peace at hand?

  2. Mary worth1:18 PM

    Did you say "Is piece at hand???"

  3. Hymie Jones2:55 PM

    If we have to take Britney, we should make the Baptists take Joan Rivers. We do not need more embarassing female Jewish celebrities. If Paris Hilton ever converts, I'm picking up the rosary.

  4. Remember Madonna and her ferkokte Kaballah schtick?

  5. Barry Banned9:27 PM

    Yeah, but Madonna is a catholic who is playing
    kaballah. The right wing loves Barbara Striesand
    because she is so liberal, so politically correct, so
    Jewish and so stupid. I cringe every time she makes a politcal comment.

    Madonna should get her celeb kaballah friends to form a flag football team, the Hollywood Red Strings. They could play Tom Cruise et al from Scientology. Quick, call ESPN, this is hot.