Saturday, February 24, 2007

Stuck Inside of Joplin with the .....

I have the dubious situation of being stuck in Joplin for a few days. Driving through eastern Oklahoma and Kansas, my back became more and more painful. Long since familiar with the signs, I looked for a decent motel in which to hole up. There are none in the dwindling and run-down small agricultural towns of the southeastern corner of Kansas, hence Joplin, the local metropolis. It is all for the best because there was a thunderstorm last night and it is raining today, so I would not have been enthusiastic about driving anyway. Also I am ensconced in a very nice Hilton hotel so I am not unhappy. I can barely walk but I am going to try walking outside this afternoon to see if that helps. And aspirin -- I am going to try aspirin.

It is also an opportunity to explore a whole new dimension in my no-longer-young life -- reading glasses. I am still exploring how many diopters of correction is best. I am toying with 2.00, 2.25, and 2.50. They are cheap and readily available so it is easy to experiment. Having tried them in New Orleans and finding them remarkably clarifying, I am rediscovering the printed page. As always I brought along tons of books, none of which I have heretofore so much as touched. Now I am touching them. Another reason not to be uncontrollably distraught about my sojourn in Missouri.


  1. the matchmaker9:23 AM

    Shabbat Shalom Jackson,

    Good news. There is a synagogue on 702 S Sergeant Ave in Joplin. Go this morning, they will take you in and take care of you. You'll meet fascinating midwest Jews and fallin love with a lovely semi-Orthodox, slightly shy but well read joplinite who will rock your world. or not.

  2. Dear Match,
    If I could sit in a schule I could sit in my car and I would be out of here already. So far today I have gotten dressed and walked to a nearby supermarket and back. My guess is that I will be on the road by Monday or Tuesday but I will be taking precautionary 10 minute breaks from driving every hour or so.

  3. the matchmaker4:58 PM

    So you could have stood the whole time. People would have thought you were davening. That mid-western Jewess will never know what she missed.