Tuesday, June 12, 2007

'An Inconvenient Truth' and what to do about it

There are two things one can do when one finds oneself in a hole. One is to stop digging and the other is to start filling in the hole. Conservation really amounts only to digging more slowly. The solution to global warming is not just to put less CO2 into the air, but also to start taking some out. Trees do that.

The bigger and longer-lived the species the more CO2 it will take out of the atmosphere during its lifetime. Here is a link to the California Department of Forestry's seedling order form.


Vacant lots, roadsides, fields, hiking trails, private property, public property, anywhere is good. When Jews do this it is called Tikkun Olam. When non-Jews do it, it is called repairing the world.

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  1. Charles Hazard Treefailure4:24 PM

    Well chico is certainly doing its part. Called the City of Trees, not roses as some ill informed people have stated, (see http://jackkessler.blogspot.com/2007/06/homes-of-free.html) Chico has one of the greatest varieties of trees anywhere. Before Bidwell gave the land that is now Biwell Park to the the city, it was his garden. Figuring rightly that the soil and climate of chico was a Shangrala for trees, he had his gardeners and botanists import one of every species of tree that they could find. Almost all were planted and are thriving still. This is also why, if you have any kind of pollen alergy at all, it will bloom in Chico.

    But what do you want from a city named for a Marx Brother.