Friday, June 01, 2007

Iraq Again

Headline in New York Times, June 1
"Sunni Fighters Battle Al Qaeda in Baghdad Neighborhood"
What? I thought.... Could somebody explain this to me again? Hey, this scorecard is in Arabic....


  1. the Scorpion3:04 PM

    As the Decider said, "if we don't let the Sunnis fight Al Qaeda on the street of Bagdad, they'll end up fighting on the street of New York. " or something like that.

  2. New York is a busy crowded city and already has a big tourist industry. But if we could get them to follow us home and fight each other in the streets of say Omaha, it could be bigger than NASCAR.

  3. the Scorpion1:40 PM

    Wow, I like it...Build a big stadium, it will be bigger than the christians and lions. Sunnis vs Al Qaeda. And no matter who wins, we win.

  4. The television rights alone could pay off the national debt.