Thursday, June 07, 2007

Nuclear Confrontation

New York Times Thursday 7 June 2007
“Dialogue is better than mutual silence,” a spokesman for Mr. Putin, Dmitri Peskov, told reporters.
Let us hope that diplomacy will succeed in reducing tensions.

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  1. Dick Tips8:23 PM

    Well done, Jack. We'll just keep that little remark to ourselves, since the only people who read your blog are your friends and ALL YOUR FORMER GIRLFRIENDS. I can just see you on the phone tonight..."no, no, not you. I meant someone else."

    By the way, I just attended my first bris, aside from my own. A flock of orthodox, very high power Hassidic Rabbis came to Chico for the bris of Rabbi Mende Zwiebel's son. He started the Chabbad House here last year. A very fine ceremony and an honor to attend. As he was wrapping things up, the moyel yells out "OK, who's next." Funny guys, these black hats.