Monday, January 28, 2008

Why Haven't I Lost Interest in the Campaign Yet?

Because I enjoy each new revelation of as-yet unimagined levels of mendacity.

Various bloggers were described in the NYT as furious with Bill Clinton for having noticed not only that Obama is black but for having so much as implied that voters in South Carolina may have noticed it too. Black voters would vote for a brown paper bag and Clinton had the audacity to hint they would.

Humorously the question put to Jackson was whether he was offended by Clinton having mentioned that he had twice won the South Carolina Democratic primary. Can't get more offensive than that. Jackson, having had Clinton wipe the floor with him politically over the 1992 Sista Souljah remarks about killing cops, chose not to be offended.

In a year Barack Obama will be a half-remembered bump in the road on Bill Clinton's way back to the White House.


  1. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Sanctimonious racist pig.

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    I love it when you talk dirty.

  3. Please don't say that. While I used to love Bill Clinton, I also used to love guys who wore suits. I pray that Obama gets elected. Not that he can change much, but he has the will and energy to try. I've been sick over American politics for the last 8 years.

  4. Hi Francine,
    I am flattered as hell that you would read this nonsense. But you are mistaken in thinking I give a damn who wins the election.

    I am way too cynical to give a damn who gets elected. I follow it only for the amusement and because it is hard to avoid. The question in the header and the reply are not jocular.

    I would support Huckabee if he got the nomination. His election could be called the Standup Comedians Relief and Assistance Act of 2008. Some people ask, "Who would Jesus vote for?" I ask, "Who would Billy Crystal vote for?" Huckabee would put Clinton's blowjob in the shade for SNL skits and late night monologue.

  5. You don't care because you have nothing at stake. Some people have the lives of their children at stake. Far too many peoples children have died in a stupid, useless war. How many will die when abortion becomes illegal? Not electing scum like Bush or Romney or McCain is no guarantee that those things won't happen, but one has to have at least a little bit of hope that things can get better.

  6. Yes Chaim, I do have something at stake -- my stomach lining. If I let myself give a damn I will get frustrated, angry, and helpless. Better to scoff.