Friday, May 16, 2008

I Don't

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  1. I always assumed you didn't, that's the only reason I would tweak you.

    By the by, on your trip north, you must stop off in Chico. I know it is too hot for you, but you can take it for a day. We have air conditioning and a guest room. You must see our new home and our new business.

    It is so good working again with Lisa. We stand in our little truck and make espresso drinks and blended drinks and smoothies and it is good. And you must see our daughters, for they are beautiful.

    So as you drive north, do not even think for a minute that you can just pass by the Chico exit without getting off. And do not tell me you are planning a different route. I expect you here in the next few day. And again during the high holidays. Not a choice, an obligation.

    I am slightly drunk, only slightly. I had a lovely scotch and a fine cigar while sitting on my deck, sweating like a pig, but a happy and kosher pig.