Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Familiar Song

[Whites protesting in Washington]
Tens of thousands rallied in Washington today against big government, against government intrusion, against unconstitutional actions by the administration, and against socialism. No one rallied eight years ago against an identical sized government which took the same kinds of actions and was equally socialist. But then again that government was headed by a white man.

The underlying motive is made clear by the vagueness of the complaints. No one is objecting to anything in particular, just to Obama in general. No one took to the streets to protest when the Clintons proposed a considerably more comprehensive and intrusive health care plan. This isn't about health care, it isn't about socialism, it isn't about big government. It is about the ban on the use of the 'n' word in public. It is no longer permissible to call a spade a spade.

This comes as no news to American Jews. Explicit antisemitism, like explicit racism, is socially unacceptable though far from rare. The abuse and unfair treatment of Israel is how hatred and dislike of Jews is expressed. It is why actions of governments which inspire no interest when undertaken by gentile countries, inspire outrage when taken by Israel.

I suppose that among the tens of thousands protesting today in Washington, there are a few black dupes or blacks with distorted psyches, just as among those protesting Israeli self-defense there are Jewish dupes and those acting out inner shortcomings. But most of those in the streets of Washington today will be angry whites.

And just as not one of those tens of thousands protesting in Washington today will admit that this is about color, none of those groundlessly denouncing Israel ever admit their protests are about antisemitism.

In both case the tenacity of their denial is based on the sincerity with which they are lying to themselves about their real purposes and feelings.


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  2. Anonymous might bear in mind that ALL CAPS is the mark of a turkey who can't persuade without them. Nor with them.

    As to it being about Israel, one can readily assume that Anonymous is unfamiliar with advanced concepts like analogies.