Wednesday, September 02, 2009


[Hackman and Pacino on the road in 'Scarecrow']
I just saw the movie 'Scarecrow' which I missed when it came out in 1973. It is a slow-moving, not to say tedious, road movie which finally dissolves into melodrama and bogus psychology in lieu of an ending.

We know from Benjamin Franklin that time is money. By deferring having wasted two hours in 1973, I have gained 36 years of interest on them. If I had deferred wasting the two hours forever I would have gained even more.

One of the many things that is irritating about this movie is that it takes Hackman and Pacino weeks to hitch-hike across the country. In fact hitch-hiking, with any luck or skill at all. is one of the fastest ways to travel long distances because there is always someone else driving. A season actually changes while they are covering a few days worth of car travel. Clearly it is a device to drag out the movie but it is irritating all the same.

Though Pacino and Hackman hog the camera, there is a brief but excellent performance by Penny Allen as the estranged ex-girlfriend at the end. It only momentarily resuscitates this moribund pot-boiler.

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