Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Have Good News and I Have Bad News

[Ford SuperChief F250]
Since you didn't say which you wanted, first the good news.

The administration has announced a regulation reinstating the automobile fuel efficiency standards dropped by Republican presidents a generation ago. It will require automobile manufacturers to maintain a fleet average of 35.5 miles per gallon of fuel. The 35.5 is to be the average of city and highway. They are simultaneously required to meet stricter clean air emissions standards.

They have until 2016 to meet the standards and must make incremental improvements until then. The Times didn't say whether that meant the calendar year or the model year. Neither did the Post. Now that I think of it doesn't matter. Even if the 2016 models come out in 2015, they will be the same cars as those sold in 2016.

The higher mileage and lower emissions equipment will add either $1100 (Times) or $1300 (WashPost) to the cost of a new car. Over the life of the car the fuel savings will be $3000. The savings to the consumer will be either $1900 or $1700 per vehicle.

The regulation over the first decade will reduce American greenhouse gas emissions by just under a billion tons of CO2.

In addition to the cost savings there is also a cost transfer. The $1100 or $1300 will go to the folks who make the car - Americans, Canadians, Japanese, Europeans. The $3000 fuel savings per car will fail to go into the pockets of our friends and allies in OPEC. Friends and allies like Hugo Chavez, Ahmadinejad, al-Assad, King Abdullah, Putin, and Qaddafi.

And to satisfy our Fenian friends concern that it might not be about the Joos, the less money and power, particularly weapons and propaganda money, those antisemitic, anti-Israel bastards have, the better. It might help save the world from being taken over by the Muslims

That's the good news.

The bad news is that it is too late. Muslims have petitioned to have New York City schools close on Muslim holidays as they now do on Christian and Jewish holidays. And they have a case. 10% of NYC public school children are currently Muslims, and the number can only rise.

Taking over the NYC public schools is how the Irish, the Jews, and the Italians took over the Ivy League, and from there the US. Still, it didn't work for the blacks and Puerto Ricans* so we may be OK.

*Except for the 'White' House and the Supreme Court.

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