Saturday, October 31, 2009

Further Down the Page....

[the father of Moshe Nahari, with his daughters]
From today's Wall Street Journal -
Then, on Dec. 11, a lone gunman shot dead Moshe Nahari, a father of nine and well-known figure in Raida's Jewish community [in Yemen]. Abdul-Aziz al-Abdi, a retired Air Force pilot, pumped several bullets into Mr. Nahari after the Hebrew teacher dismissed his demands that he convert to Islam. In June, the shooter was sentenced to death.
What risk of actual punishment does al-Abdi face from his fellow Muslims for murdering a Jew? The British government released one of the Lockerbie bombers in spite of his having murdered hundreds of people, many of them British subjects. What can we expect to happen to Abdul Aziz al-Abdi in Yemen? Not much.

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