Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scumbag Alert

I found small round holes in my porch which I suspect to be powder post beetle borings. I have finally gotten off my toukes and called some pest inspection places. Orkin advertises heavily so I started with them. With my usual imprudence I made an appointment for an inspection before thinking to check customer reviews. They are from all over the country. They are universally negative.

There are no end of complaints against them. The gravamen of the complaints is generally the same. High pressure sales followed by poor service followed by refusal to accept cancellation requests. Frequent billing for services not performed.

There were frequent complaints that infestations worsened after Orkin began its visits. Which means they are at least completely ineffective. Judging by how sleazy their other business practices are, it is not impossible the friendly Orkin man is actually planting roach infestations to keep the contract running indefinitely.

The Scenic Route Blog hereby awards Orkin its highest ripoff business accolade - the One Finger Salute with Both Hands. A handsome certificate suitable for framing is available for a slight additional charge.



  1. And you know this read it on the internet? Posted by people you don't know? Good source.

  2. Anonymous10:46 AM