Friday, April 01, 2011

April Fool's?

The New York Times reported today that because a preacher in Florida threatened to burn a copy of the koran, a mob in Mazar-al-sharif in northern Afghanistan stormed the UN compound there and killed 12 people. Five were Nepali guards, two were Europeans, one of them a woman, and five were Afghans. It was reported that two were beheaded. No Americans, let alone any Florida preachers, were in the compound.

These are the people we have committed our soldiers and our money to protect from being ruled by religious fanatics. Does anybody see a problem here? Trying to keep Afghanistan from being ruled by religious fanatics is like trying to keep America from being ruled by the Republicans and Democrats.

The problem is that just when events in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria create a small opening in the general impression that Muslims are assholes, the Afghans slam it shut. The notion that such people should continue to be allowed to enter the US becomes every day more and more far-fetched.

I have seen mobs shouting "Death to America!", not in some primitive mountain country, but at demonstrations in San Francisco. It is not racism or bigotry to want to them out of the country.

It is to be remembered that 9-11 was not an attack from outside the country. It was launched from Logan Airport in Boston. It was perpetrated by Muslims who were in the country illegally. They were allowed in and allowed to stay by INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) agents who didn't enforce the law because they were afraid of being accused of being Islamophobic. It is time for us and the INS to get over that fear.

Immigration quotas from Muslim countries should be restricted to somewhere around zero. It becomes more and more imperative that our immigration laws be strictly enforced and that those who can legally be deported be promptly sent home.

How many more massacres will it take before we realize that Islamophobia is a reasonable response? Restricting immigration is the very least we can do. There are plenty of law-abiding Chinese and Indians and Mexicans and everybody else who want to come here. Let's receive our immigrants from countries without public beheadings, let's receive immigrants whose religious faith does not include jihad against us.

Update: 3 April 2011
In the past two days 12 more people have been killed in riots in Afghanistan, making a total of 24.



  1. Anonymous2:51 AM

    I agree. I also argued that the immigration of Jews into 1930s Germany should altogether cease. Its the eyes you see; you just can't trust them. Of course it goes without saying that Jews are assholes and can't be trusted and will probably kill you.

    You know what I really hate? It is that you can be such a cynical twit and such a hateful bastard at the same time. And you seem have no perspective whatsoever.

  2. Jews in Germany did not riot and kill people because of imagined slights.

    The fact that you see nothing wrong with the Afghans' massacre of the UN workers, but object to my calling them assholes, suggests how perverted you are. Or to put it differently, since you agree with them and defend them, you too are an asshole. That isn't name-calling -- it's a fact.

  3. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Ridiculous. And you probably won't even post this, so I don't know why I even bother. You are such a small minded hateful moron.

    You call all Muslims assholes because a few medieval and primitive tribesmen in some dusty shithole in the periphery of the periphery of the periphery... thats like saying that since some christians rioted in Cameroon over something or other that all Christians are assholes.

  4. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Maybe a MASS burning of the book is in order and bomb the place until nothing survives.

  5. And you Anonymous are a mental giant with your schoolyard vulgarities. I have to ask the same thing, why do you bother? And we both know the answer to that -- because it is a chance to vent your thinly veiled anti-Semitism for which your purported Islamophilia is merely a cover.