Friday, April 08, 2011

Our Palestinian Friends

Let it not be said that I consider all Muslims to be assholes because of the actions of a few. It's not as though large numbers of them are despicable subhumans who endorse the murder of children.

Hamas has already taken credit for the attack with the following statement:

Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza targeted with number of mortar shells the nearby Israeli settlements, bus driver and other Israeli settler were injured after a shell targeted their [plainly marked big yellow school] bus driving in the southern Israeli kibbutz of Sa’ad April 7, 2011.

Not that it matters, but the ‘settlements’ in question are inside the 1949 armistice lines, and ‘the other Israeli settler’ is 16 (some reports say 13) years old.

But you say, doesn’t it look bad to kill children?

Not to many Palestinian Arabs:

Udi and Ruth Fogel and three of their children – Yoav, 11, Elad, 4, and three-month old baby Hadas – were murdered in the Israeli town of Itamar on March 11.

“63% of the Palestinians oppose and 32% support the attack in the Itamar settlement in the West Bank in which a family of five was murdered.” [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, official PA newspaper, April 7, 2011] — PMW

Just one out of three! Imagine my relief.



  1. So Jack, you're saying that every third Palestinian would like to kill you. Interesting considering that half of all Irish would also like to kill you.

  2. No, one third of Palestinians want to kill small children and babies. If the question were limited to the wanton murder in their beds only of the parents, the percentage would have been much higher.

    The Irish are less of an issue because in civilized countries they are not allowed to handle sharp objects, let alone firearms.

  3. Jasmin12:31 PM

    Ah, its been quite some time since I looked at this blog. I see you still posting the same vitriol and hatred dog.

  4. Christy12:40 PM

    I don't want to kill you. I just find you to be a despicable person whom I respectfully disagree with. Who also shafted 7 Irish people out of a deposit. Americans and their tendancy for hyperbole...

  5. How delightful to hear from Jasmin again. Who else but she would consider publishing the results of a poll of Palestinians conducted by a Palestinian news agency to be "hatred and vitriol"? Actually the answer to that question is "almost every Palestinian". The Palestinians are a society in which telling the truth is considered a hostile act.

  6. @Christy
    "Respectfully disagree"? How is finding me despicable respectful? Christy you are such a dolt you could not get even to the end of one sentence before contradicting yourself. Do not claim it was sarcasm -- I have heard from you a lot and I know you aren't capable of it.

    As to the deposit, I can see why you sympathize with the Palestinians. They have the same child's inability to connect one's actions with their effect - to take responsibility for oneself. They cannot see why killing Israeli children gets the Israeli Air Force to pay a call on them and call it aggression and war crimes. You vandalize my house and can't understand the connection between the vandalism and losing your security deposit. Like them, you blame someone else for the consequences of your childish destructiveness or their childish violence.

  7. Christy11:10 AM

    Retard. I should also add that Americans lack a sense of the ridiculous and have no capacity to understand the ironic. A race of men-children really.

    We have already established that a mentalist was living in your little sidehut all summer, someone you claim didn't have permission to be there. Yet you seem to rule out the possibility that the said mentalist may have vandalised your house.