Sunday, April 17, 2011

More Arrigoni

Arrigoni's organizaton, the International Solidarity Movement reported Vittorio Arrigoni's death on its website with an article which concluded
Khaleel Shaheen, of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights and a friend of Vittorio’s in Gaza says:

What has happened today is a black day in Palestinian history. The horrific murder of our friend Vittorio is totally condemned. We ask the local authorities to bring the criminals to justice as soon as possible. He is in our minds always. He is a hero of Palestine.

Since the Palestinians and their friends are obviously moral people who strenuously object to wanton murder, one wonders what the ISM said on their website about the Fogel murders.

The search term "Fogel" on the ISM website turns up only a denial that the police searches in the West Bank were related to the Fogel murders. And of course no mention that the searches quickly led to the arrest of the murderers -- whose DNA was found at the scene and who confessed to the murders without remorse.

Israel has no death penalty but the murder of the Fogel family has led to calls for legislating one for especially egregious cases of multiple murders like this one. It remains to be seen whether the rabbinate can restrain the public sentiment in favor of instituting a death penalty.

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