Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another "Progressive" Against Zionism

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David Duke, the Grand Dragon of the Ku Kux Klan, speaking in support of the Muslim cause against Israel. Can't get much more progressive than that....



  1. Mustafa Farook Iliad Binya Mohammad Al Jassar1:47 PM

    This is wise man with great foresight. i notice jews always call people who are anti israel anti semites. truth is i like jews but hate israel becauser it is military camp in arabia extension of american jewsih influence. duke is a wise scholar and his words should be held in great esteem by americans afraid of power of jew.

  2. So Mustafa, you pretty much admit that you are, like David Duke, a racist?

    Perhaps if I suggested that it would be a good idea, a very good idea, to destroy Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, the Gulf States, and the Maghreb, and kill all the inhabitants I wouldn't be anti-Arab?

    Perhaps if I not only advocated it, but even started doing it by repeated wars and terrorism and rocket fire, I still wouldn't be anti-Arab? Better still, if I insisted on the destruction of Ireland and everybody in it, I wouldn't anti-Irish?

    Mustafa/Christie, as you have proven so many times before, you are not only a racist, you're just plain stupid as well.

  3. David Duke8:06 AM

    You know Mustafa, I really like Arabs too. However I am wildly devoted to destroying Saudi Arabia and killing every single person in that country.

    I like Arabs so much that I burn for the power to kill everybody in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, the Gulf, and the Maghreb. And it surprises me and hurts my feelings that some Arabs think I don't like them.

    It is really just those living between Iraq and Morocco whom I want to kill. How does that make me anti-Arab?

  4. HRH Queen Elizabeth II8:13 AM

    I am not the least anti-Irish and I will brusquely ignore and dismiss anyone who says I am and question their motives.

    For peace in the region I am going to send the royal forces to kill everyone in that island because of their constant drunkenness, ignorance, and poor manners. I like the Irish, I really do. it is just Ireland I hate.