Friday, June 10, 2011

Mobile Blogging

I am setting out on a bicycle trip next week. With any luck I will be gone all summer. I will try to keep in touch from the road.



  1. Damien7:39 AM

    Haven't been in this dump for a while. How are you Jack? Hope you're back by the end of August. I'm returning to San Fran as a base before a festival in a desert in Northern Nevada. Might call in for tea, chats and my deposit, will need the cash to stock up on so do make yourself known. Or has that shoddy investment you got from re-mortgaging your house led to a foreclosure yet?

  2. Allah Jihad4:44 AM

    Hopefully we won't have to read your ill thought out hate speech for the rest of the summer.

  3. Hi Damien,
    So semi-nice to hear from you. I am sure you will like Burning Man. It is widely put about that one needs a hat, sunscreen, and water for it. Not true. I have been there and it was cool and pleasant the whole time. I suggest you not bring them.

    Actually the shoddy investment has led to my living in a large lovely Haussmann apartment in Paris for a year, and prolonged travel wherever I want, whenever I want.

    How's your and Christie's investments in poteen futures working out?

  4. How appropriate to Christie's denial-as-ideology that he calls himself 'Jihad' and accuses others of hate speech. If Christie weren't so stupid he's funny, he wouldn't be worth anything at all.

    Sadly for him, but happily for everyone else, I just ordered a 12.1 inch netbook computer to travel with. I will be in touch regularly from Alaska and western Canada throughout the summer.

  5. Damien5:27 AM

    We've been approved to set up a themed camp at it, and have been given a prime location in the inner circle, I suspect I'll be bringing more than that Jack, thanks for the advice though. I also won a scholarship ticket. Us Irish drunkards can be quite resourceful!