Friday, October 21, 2011

Inhuman Conditions in Gaza

So is the problem in Gaza economic deprivation?  Or maldistribution of incomes?



  1. Jasmin5:27 AM

    Posted up by elder of Zion, I wonder what persuasion this dog's propaganda arises from.

  2. I wonder, Jasmin, why you think someone who has nothing better to say than name-calling (and unimaginative name-calling at that) should be taken seriously. You really have nothing to offer than being unpleasant.

    Most Americans already consider Arabs to be unpleasant people and you are merely confirming that. So go right ahead.

  3. Jasmin3:55 AM

    I have met many pleasant Americans in my time here who would completely agree with me and I have no problem expressing and discussing such topics with these people. They are not the racist, pro-Israel, zionists like the poster of that video or the poster of this blog, so your point does not make sense. Reading your blog makes me more unpleasant than I actually am, I don't preach to people about my desires for the destruction of Israel because they don't preach to me with racist slurs against my people. Your blog fosters hatred because you are a hate filled man, this is what makes the difference. One day you will see this, but it will be too late for Israel.

  4. Jasmin8:40 AM

    I also told you a million times before I'm Persian, not Irish, not Arab (though they are my brothers) nor dog Israeli. You have a selective silly memoty.

  5. Jasmin, please forgive my having confused you with others. It is an understandable error on my part. You ignorant bigots are so hard to tell apart.

    I have to say though that you are particularly despicable. Arabs come from primitive backward tribal cultures. Persians are a civilized, often cultured people. Which means that, unlike Arab, you have no one but yourself to blame for being such a primitive racist.

    Arabs merely represent their backward societies. But you, Jasmin, as a Persian are a disgrace to your country. It is a mark of the failure of the revolution in your country that a formerly civilized country now produces such vulgar foul-mouthed robots as you seem to be.

    It is appropriate that you identify yourself as a Persian rather than an Iranian. The world does not take kindly to racist imperialism such as Persian rule over the near-majority of the non-Persian peoples of Iran. Now that the Iranian government has exposed itself as not only sponsors of terrorism, but of assassinations in foreign capitals, expect the pushback.

    The pushback will come in the form of armed separatist movements among the Kurds, Azeris, and a dozen other peoples suffering under Persian rule. Expect the liberation of the non-Persian peoples of Iran from Persian domination and misrule. Iran will be dismembered as entirely as Yugoslavia was.

  6. Jasmin, as to your claim that this blog making you more unpleasant than your really are, that is merely a guilty rationalization. What it does is to peel back your pretense of civility and uncover the primitive hostile wretch that you actually are.

    Someone who has no more to say to others than to call them names like "dog" is merely immature, not too bright - and thoroughly unpleasant.

  7. Jasmin Hejazi5:10 AM

    Jack, at times you are no better than a Nazi. Nothing but cold slurs ever comes out of your hate-filled mouth. You have nothing to contribute to humanity. I assume that you have never reproduced, as you have nothing to contribute to the human race. Your lack of offspring is a perfect example of Darwinism at work.

    Your language is not English nor Hewbrew, it is Orwellian doublespeak, thinly veiled racism disgused in fancy language & hyperbole. You try to rationalize your convictions but they cannot possible be rational when its existence owes itself to emotion. This is the difference between rational thought and racism, hence my comparison to the Nazis.

    You call me out for being primitave, however, there is a tragic irony here for you. I earn more money in your wretched country than you could ever dream of while you travel around from state to state like a gypsy. And this travel to merely to fill a void in your life, a void arising from your lack of offspring, a very natural reaction on your part.

    This void is so deep that you even keep a travel blog in a pathetic attempt to evoke some sort of self-worth. But it fails, just like your life. It becomes a vehicle to promote a zionist agenda.

    There is symbolism here Jack, your blog fails just like your life because you distance people (and potential offspring) with cold elitism instead of focusing on what really matter. You cannot even contain your ill-founded opinions here and keep a simple travel; the elitism, the zionism & racism all manifest itself in a number of ways.

    I reduce myself to language such as calling you a dog to keep at your level, I would never try and higher myself when you see me as lesser. I feed your prejudice because it makes you look all the more foolish. I would not bother to call you anything more than what your language suggests you are worth. I am a Persian, I have studied in America, I earn in America, I even have Jewish friends, I destroy every stereotype that you create. But I chose to stay quiet as I am content with my life, juxtaposed to your elitist empty rhetoric.

    Jack, it is too late for you, you have distanced anything that has ever meant anything to you and I include in this list, past partners. Now you have nothing. It is your nature but it is not human nature, thus the quintessential Darwinism I speak of.

    Jack, I shall never post on this blog again, as any further rambling would be pointless. I hope you learn something about yourself one day.

    Good day.

  8. That is just lovely "Jasmin". How civilized your repeatedly calling me "Jew dog" - so very classy.

    Now after endless gutter racist invective, you now take the high road? Did it occur to you that it is too late to pretend to be a civilized person after your primitive hate-spewing, your demands for the mass-murder of my people?

    As to your never coming to my blog again, I will miss you. You are such a buffoon that you make yourself almost too easy to lampoon.

    As to your supposed superiority, I take it that you have some reason why your claim to be terribly rich and my being a mere gypsy works with my being an elitist? Could it be that once again you are just babbling and have no idea what you are talking about?

    You are quite right that you have destroyed some of my stereotypes. I had previously thought of Persians as civilized mature people. You have certainly destroyed that stereotype.

    As to your ridiculous "some of my best friends are Jews" claim, you are too clueless to realize that that is the very hallmark of a racist hypocrite. Americans have been laughing at people who deny racism with "some of my best friends are black/latino/gay/Jews" since the 1960's.

    Please don't go, Jasmin. You are such a hapless buffoon and you make a fool of yourself so often and so unconsciously. It is just delightful.

    It is ever so much easier to show people how bigoted and mindless the Muslim hatred of Israel is with you around as an example.

  9. Jasmin, it is also lovely that you call me a Nazi. I believe it was your President Ahmadinejad who threatened to kill millions of Jews with atomic weapons as soon as Iran has them.

    That anyone who identifies with a country threatening to kill millions of Jews would call anyone else a Nazi, merely demonstrates again both your intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

    It amazes me that you can't see why Americans have such contempt for people like you. You seem unable to see that advocating and even planning genocide makes you a mad animal who in a just world would be shot on sight.

    And that you are crazy enough to accuse others of anything, anything at all merely confirms how much you have abandoned any claim to be called a human being.