Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Islamophobia in the Press - Again

[Saul Perlmutter holding up the permanent UC campus parking permit awarded to Berkeley Nobel Prize winners]

The various agencies of the media are all reporting that Berkeley's own Saul Perlmutter and Technion's Daniel Schechter have both won 2011 Nobel Prizes, Perlmutter for physics and Schechter for chemistry.

Perlmutter and his team studied extremely distant supernovae and discovered not only that the universe is expanding, which was known, but that the expansion is accelerating. The energy of universal acceleration is called Dark Energy. It constitutes 73% of the mass-energy content of the universe.

As I understand it (a huge caveat) it combines two notions from high school physics and one from college. According to Newton: F = mA where F is force, m is mass, and A is acceleration. Force through distance is work. E = mc2 where E is energy, m is mass, and c is the speed of light.

Work is in units of energy, is energy. Here, the force equals the mass of the universe times the observed acceleration of the extremely distant supernovae. The force necessary to accelerate everything in the universe is applied through the distance by which the acceleration exceeds what the expansion would have been had it been un-accelerated. That force applied through that distance is the amount of work done. One is tempted to say that that is a ton of work/energy. But it is vastly more. The mass-equivalent of that much energy is expressed as m = E/c2.

So far from being a mere ton of energy, that much energy exceeds all the rest of the mass of the universe by almost three to one. Even the remaining 27% of the universe that is not dark energy is problematic as well. 23% of the mass of the universe is dark matter, detectable only by its gravitational effects on things we can see, like stars, gas, and dust. Only 4% of the mass of the universe consists of the stuff that we had until recently thought was all of it.

Which means that 96% of the universe consists of stuff that we have no idea whatever what it is. And Saul Perlmutter discovered three quarters of it. In 1998.

Daniel Schechter discovered and published, into the teeth of intense scientific opposition, the theory that the atomic arrangements of quasi-crystals are uniform and mathematically predictable but do NOT repeat. This so flew in the face of well-known and established principles both of crystallography and of the philosophy of science that Schechter almost lost his position at the university on account of it.

Neither reality nor Schechter succumbed to the pressure, and in the end the one validated the work of the other. The Swedish Academy added its imprimatur (and a million and a half dollars worth of Swedish kroner) to his work this year.

Though the Swedish Academy, and the academic world generally, recognized the work of Perlmutter and Schechter, they shamefully refused to acknowledge the equivalent accomplishments of Arab or even of Muslim scientists. Given that the much touted 1.4 billion Muslims out-number the much-reviled 14 million Jews by roughly 100 to 1, there must surely have been far greater accomplishments among the Muslims, among the 100, than among the Jews, the 1.

So the press must have covered up or omitted the vast accomplishments of the Muslims. What else could it be but a Zionist conspiracy of the Jewish-controlled media? Either that or the Muslims are exactly the stupid bastards their violent primitive behavior suggests they are. :o)


  1. Rashid11:29 AM

    I pray to allah every night for you kessler, in the hope you do not die a lonely and embittered bigot.

  2. Dave Harris12:11 AM

    You neglected to mention that Adam Riess, one of the other astrophysicists sharing the Nobel, is not only Jewish but is also (formerly) associated with the UC Berkeley astronomy department. Perhaps the press covered this up as well, so as not to further embarrass the brilliant Muslims.

  3. Hi Rashid/Christie. You are SO lame at being a troll. Unlike you, I do not live at home with my mom, nor have I alienated my friends by being such a juvenile and irresponsible dick that I got their damage deposit forfeited.

    Not only am I surrounded by friends, my little blog has even come to the attention of the distinguished Dave Harris, a leader and tzaddik.

  4. Yes...the universe is flying apart.

    Thank you Allah for the chocolate covered donut I'm eating right now.

  5. Rashid11:24 AM

    I do not live with my mother i live with my three wives in small village Oman. I have seven goats and several children. Every day I pray to allah for you so you do not grow into nasty bigot alone and embittered.

  6. Christie/Rashid, at the risk of repeating myself, your being too inept to be a troll means you are too inept for anything at all. Usually unemployment is the fault of the economic system. In your case it is the system's way of keeping people of your caliber away from sharp objects.

  7. Fowl Ideas is politically correct in praising Allah for his chocolate covered doughnut. It used to be politically correct to speak of "diversity" as a good thing. Mercifully those days are over. So '90's.

    Back in the Twentieth Century, political correctness meant supporting Third World popular movements openly and Marxist regimes covertly. Now political correctness means supporting Islamists openly and terrorism covertly.