Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OMG...Obama is Hoover!


  1. Jasmin H.2:50 PM

    Today is a great day for Palestinians around the world. Our brothers and sisters, heroes of our struggle, now return back home to live and fight another day. And all for the cost of one silly little boy who should have had his head cut off 4 years ago. We will celebrate tonight, for it is a true victory for the Palestinian people. I am not a fan of Hamas due to their extreme methods, but I do credit them here, they have brought joy to the heart of us all.

  2. Don't count on it, Jasmin.

    Israel has no death penalty, not even for murder. While the Palestinian murderers were in Israeli jails, Israel could inflict no physical harm on them.

    But now that they are freed, that is no longer the case. Do you remember the Black September massacre at Munich in 1972? The murderers thought they got away with it. But by the end of ten years every single one of them was dead.

    Now we have missile-firing drones. Every murderer freed today will be dead in three years.

    And Gilad Shalit will still be free.

  3. Jasmin2:56 PM

    They will live & they will fight. The third intifada is coming. It will involve the united Arab world, our brothers in Egypt, my people in Iran, the freed Palestinians. The beautiful irony is that while Israel continues to illegally dissect the Palestinians land making a two-state solution not viable, it galvanizes the great Arab peoples and endangers its own existence which seems to be drawing itself further & further to destruction each day. I feel guilty for feeling delght, as I am a person of reason & peace, but I take delight in the last days of Israel. Burn it to the ground, expel the Zionists and destroy their children.

  4. The recent assassination plot by the Iranian government means that so far from being united, the Muslim part of the Middle East has entered a period of prolonged Cold War. The struggle will not just be between Saudi Arabia and Iran, but also between Shi'ites and Sunnis in many countries.

    So far from the Arabs being united, the civil war in Syria will likely drag on for years. Even if it survives, the Assad regime will be weakened and will be a broken reed. If the Assad Alawite regime is defeated, the new Syrian regime, having relied on Israeli and American aid to overthrow the tyrant, will be friendly to America and neutral to Israel.

    So far from being united, as we saw in the two days ago bombing in Ankara, the Kurdish insurgency will grow and become more violent. The Turks will learn first hand that encouraging terrorists in Gaza encourages terrorists in Kurdistan.

    The Muslim puppet regime at the UN will suffer further damage as the United States declines to pay dues and refuses political support for its institutions. Several Republican candidates at the recent debate said they would reduce or suspend US payments to the UN on account of Durban I, II, and III. The Republicans control the House of Representatives in the US Congress and have a veto in the Senate.

    Iranian society will suffer as the sanctions on account of the recent plot against the Saudi ambassador begin to bite. The Persian hold on the other peoples in their empire will weaken as the economy declines. Expect armed separatist movements there.

    Israel will flourish and the Arabs will flounder because democracies are stronger than military regimes in the long run. Israeli cutting edge technology to diminish petroleum use will progress. The progressive implementation of that technology will diminish worldwide petroleum demand, which will destabilize Arab and Iranian economies.

    Egyptians will realize that Tahrhir Square was for nothing. All they got for their trouble was General Tantawi instead of General Mubarak. They will realize that the Arab Spring was a fraud.

    Fanatics never concede anything to anybody. Hamas is no more likely to reconcile with Fatah than with Israel. In the end there will be a four-state solution. Gaza, Israel, Jordan and the West Bank. Not exactly unity, is it Jasmin?

  5. As to the freed murderers, they are each as good as dead. They have not gotten their freedom. Their sentences have been commuted from lingering imprisonment to death by drone-fired missiles.

  6. Anonymous1:29 PM

    They have just shown the world that 1 Israeli soldier is worth 1,000 Palestians.

  7. Jasmin H.6:27 AM

    You are pathetic, the people are rising, the end of Israel is coming, get over it. And you are not Israeli, you are a nasty American zionist so stop referring to Israel as "we". You also have no right to live in Palestine.

  8. Jasmin, a people that maintains an endless war against their neighbors, a pointless war they cannot possibly win, as the Palestinians have done, that is pathetic.

    Constructing a prosperous, progressive, and democratic society that provides for the needs of its people as Israel has done, is not pathetic.

    Isn't it interesting how the Palestinians consistently describe Israel with the terms that best describe themselves? Why is that Jasmin?