Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shalom, Michael

But thanks for the 50 points!


  1. Christy4:33 PM

    A well known (And one of musics greatest sons - not that I'd know much about music to be fair) paedophile holding an Israeli flag is not a great endorsement of zionism.

  2. Damien5:48 PM

    Music's greatest sons in me arse, anything good he did solo can be accredited to Quincy Jones, the rest of his output is "meh". He was a good performer with a unique voice and a peado. You gotta feel for him though, dying having a stroke in the kiddies ward, such a sad way to go.

  3. Damien5:59 PM

    Ha Christy, Paedos and Zionists are natural allies though, they impose themselves on weaker more vulnerable subjects, they rape these subjects, they deny any wrong-doing when accused and are generally a horrid breed of people. Better be careful here, expressing a genuine hatred for Zionism may be perceived as anti-semitic, even though that is completely false.

  4. Damien, the we-don't-hate-Jews-just-Zionists story is getting a little threadbare. You have a whole range of stories to pick from. Why stick with the now hackneyed current one? You can select among tried and true versions like -

    1. We-don't-hate-Jews-except-that-the-Protocols of the Elders of Zion proves they are trying to take over the world.

    2. We-don't-hate-Jews-but-they-keep-poisoning-our-wells.

    3. We-don't-hate-Jews-but-so-many-of-them-are-Communists.

    4. We-don't-hate-Jews-but-so-many-of-them-keep-insisting-the-Holocaust-really-happened.

    There are lots more where those came from. Why stick with such a dumb and unoriginal one?

    Underneath all of these bigotry narratives is a fear of being found out as inadequate and inferior. In Damien and Christy's case that fear is well-founded.

  5. Christy2:49 AM

    You forgot 'we-don't-hate-jews-just-obtuse-arrogant-oblivious-morons-like-Jack-Kessler'

  6. Damien4:12 PM

    Well I could say "We-dont-hate-Jews,-just-ones that-steal-our-money", but I judge people on individual merits and will say that just you do that, unlike your sweeping generalizations about Irish people. If anything, it's your racism that makes you the inadequate and inferior one here Jack. I also like Christy's option too.

  7. I thought it charming that when I pointed out that the Irish are drunken bigoted scumbags, Christy disputed only being bigoted. But then he would know.

  8. Christy3:46 AM

    I don't dispute quite a few Irish people are drunks - just like quite a few Jews are bankers. I thought we were past such petty stereotypes however. Apparantly not.

  9. Damien6:53 AM

    Jack you are the only bigot here. And equating anti-semitism with zionism is deliberate ignorance on your part. Zionism contradicts the teachings of the Torah. It is a self-serving nationalist ideology that promotes hatred and segregation. It is not a race, it is a political viewpoint, that is wholly wrong, illegitimate and disgusting.

  10. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Damien & Christy you should stop showing ignorance. Your freedbacks just show how stupid, ignorant & ill informed you are. Now take me for example I don't dislike all the Irish (some of my best friends are Irish), I just really, really dislike the stupid ones like you.

  11. Christy2:09 PM

    What an intelligent response.

  12. As soon as the Irish agree that there is no reason why they should have a country of their own and get the hell out of Ireland, will there be the least shred of credibility to Damien's argument. When Europeans are equally adamant that the Arabs are not entitled to countries of their own (there are currently 21 Arab countries) will they not be hypocrites.

    Nothing whatever distinguishes the Jewish claim to Israel from any other people's claim to their homeland. Except the persistent bigotry, the endlessly denied bigotry, of antisemites. What could be more hypocritical than the nations of the world, each ensconced in its own homeland, denying the Jews the same right?

    What makes it especially difficult not to literally spit in the eye of such folk is their angry self-righteousness about it.

    Like Damien's and Christy's. But then again one can't expect adult behavior from a race of perpetual children like the Irish.

    Damien and Christy ought to either apologize or get the hell out of Ireland - permanently.

  13. Christy2:52 AM

    Jack we've had this argument before. And you constantly ducked and dived away from it, so really there is little point in having it again - unless, of course, you are willing to stand your ground and not disappear and ignore points which do not agree with your very narrow world view.

    Calling the Irish a race of perpetual children makes you look like an utter and complete hypocrite - who the fuck are you to spout pontifically about bigotry when you come out with such redneckist comments like that? Sit down boy, sit down.

  14. I love it that Christy can endlessly spout racist venom against Zionism and yet take umbrage about even a little of the same sort of racist abuse of the Irish? Got a thin skin for the same kind of racist trash you hand out regularly, potato boy?

    The Irish don't deserve a country if the Jews don't. Now when are you bogtrotters getting the hell out of Ireland?

  15. Damien4:39 AM

    Funny thing is Jack, noone has said one thing which could be described as racist towards a Jew, you look like a complete clown taking about racist venom, when it is only you that is lowering yourself to use such venom. Yet again you prove yourself to be a hypocritical clown.

  16. Christy9:31 AM

    The man is an obtuse moron, content to believe that he is always right rather than attempt to find out the truth. That personal letter we saw in one of your books wasn't far off the mark Jack!

  17. You haven't explained to the obtuse clown why the only nationalism you object to is Jewish nationalism.

  18. Christy4:49 AM

    We've had the debate before Jack. And you ducked and dived. Why have it again if you just ignore anything which contradicts you? You really are a complete and utter fool.

  19. Actually we have not had any debate. You have replied with personal abuse and avoided answering the question. Just as you are doing now.

  20. I think it a measure of the depth of Damien's lying to himself that he denies anyone having said anything racist about Jews. This from the worthless little prick who a few months ago was angrily arguing that Jews had no right to defend their homeland from rocket bombardment of Jewish towns. His and Christy's argument was that not enough Jews had died to justify it. If he doesn't recognize that that is racist, then he is too stupid to live.