Friday, June 26, 2009

More Amazing News from Wimbledon

[Dudi Sela and Jesse Levine, Wimbledon winners]

Dudi Sela, of Kiryat Shmona, has become the first Israeli ever to make it to the fourth round, the Round of 16. He is going to play the number 4 seed, Novak Djokovic, against whom his chances are slim and none. But until then he theoretically has as much chance to win as Federer does.

He is a local boy to me. The kibbutz where I lived in 1977, Hagoshrim, is in the rural area of Kiryat Shmona in Galil Elyon (Upper Galilee), near the Lebanon and the Golan.

If Jesse Levine wins his match, there would be two Jews in the Round of 16, one-eighth.

This is further proof that Jews are not only better-looking and better-mannered than the Irish, we are also better tennis players. Better tenants too.


  1. Christy4:31 PM

    Talk about obsession with racial issues. And your prejudice towards the Irish is well noticed by the way and exposes you as an absurd hypocrite - I seem to remember some spiel about 'never accepting Irish tenants again'.

  2. Christy4:35 PM

    *Is well noted, not 'noticed'

  3. Damien5:52 PM

    Lol Jack, hypocrite is an understatement. Sure my "personal attack" was deleted, a mere comparison between Andy Murray and Jack, I thought it was quite apt. And I still don't understand why you would cheer on a tennis player because of his religion, that's a new one to me.

  4. I am not prejudiced against the Irish. Prejudice means to pre-judge, to judge before the evidence. I have plenty of evidence. Drunken scumbags and bigots.

  5. Christy2:51 AM

    Imagine I owned a house and leased it out to 7 Jewish 19-21 year olds. These 19-21 year olds consequently parties had a good time in my house. They returned the house in medium condition after 3 months but with a 2,500 dollar deposit. Imagine I was dis-satisfied and kept this deposit. Imagine I said that I would never accept Jewish tenants ever again.

    Would I not be an anti-semite?

  6. Imagine that "medium condition" was a self-indulgent lie.....

  7. Christy3:44 AM

    You take being obtuse to new levels.

  8. Christy4:15 AM

    Lets say for arguments sake that 7 Jews left my house in terrible condition - they ripped off curtains and took scissors to my overpriced ponsey Persian rugs...

    If I then declared that I would never ever accept Jewish tenants because of this, would it make me an anti-semite?

  9. Damien8:15 AM

    Nah, I'd say your well off the mark there Christy in honesty, I doubt Jack really cares that much to be fair. He has nothing to duck from either, just very different opinions to say you or me.

  10. Christy12:53 PM

    I thought he posted as an anon in the other thread? I'm rather confused...

  11. Of course you're confused Christy. For instance you're a racist but in denial about it. For another instance you feel free to be abusive to your betters, but get bruised feelings about being abused in return.

    Being confused is just one of your many shortcomings.

  12. Imagine instead Christy, that someone insisted that the English were entitled to England and entitled to defend themselves in it, and the French to France and to defend themselves in it, and each of the nations of the world were entitled to their homelands and entitled to defend themselves in it. And even absurdly that the ludicrous inhabitants even of Ireland were entitled to live their pointless and worthless lives in their worthless island.

    But that same ignorant sot steadily insisted that alone of all the peoples of the world, that the Jews were not entitled to their homeland and to defend themselves in it.

    Can one imagine that even such a scumbag as an Irishman could stoop to such a lack of intellectual self-respect as to imagine that he was not a mindless bigot?

    Can one imagine that treating the Jewish desire for a homeland, Zionism, as a curseword brought Zionism rather than this Irish peasant into disrepute?

    Can one imagine that having cast off any pretense of not being a bigot, that this Fenian scum could thereafter be entitled to any but the same sort of bigoted obloquy he himself turned against the Jews and Zionism?

    So, Christy and Damien, either admit that the Jews have as much right to a homeland as the Irish, or shut your ignorant gobs until you have gotten the hell off your crappy little island.

  13. Damien, is not the measure of your bigotry that you pretend to be mystified that a Jew would be pleased by the success of a Jewish tennis player, but accept as natural that all England is agog over the success of Andy Murray because he is British?

    Your incapacity for self-reflection never fails to amaze. Not surprise certainly, only amaze.

  14. Jack, you are having too much fun.

  15. Damien11:25 AM

    You completely ignored my point Jack, same as ever though. I am mystified that you would cheer on a player because of their religion? Would I cheer on a player because they were rational atheists, no I wouldn't. Religion and nationality are two completely different things. You are silly blind withering old man that can't even understand this? Haha, you racist fool, you are some joker Jack. Like I told you before, I judge people on merit, not on nationality, race or religion which is why I was delighted to see Roddick (a gracious honest player) win today against Murray (an ungraceful, excuse making arrogant twat). I don't like you not because you are a Jew, but because you are arrogant, a thief, self-righteous, racist and have all the attributes of a horrible person. Like I said I base people on merit, not on race, religion etc.
    With regards to Israel, as Christy said, we had this argument with you before, you had not the answers, whats the point in raising it again to see you try self-righteously defend the indefensible.

  16. Assuming that your remarks flow from sincere ignorance rather than your usual racist evasion, I will anwer your question.

    The Jews are a people. Just as Catholics and Protestants are both Irishmen, to neither's credit, so too are Reform Jews, Orthodox Jews, Conservative Jews, and atheist Jews, all Jews.

    You have this wrong-headed belief that atheist Jews cannot be Jews because most Jews are theists. One could argue similarly that someone who is sober could not be an Irishman and have a better case.

    Just as it is for the Irish to define who is an Irishman (though admittedly "a drunk of Fenian descent" is a pretty good working definition), and not for other peoples, so too it is not the business of the Irish to define who is a Jew.

    We define ourselves much as other peoples do, by common descent and shared custom and culture. Like other peoples, we have those who join our people by becoming assimilated to us, and those who leave by becoming fully assimilated to other peoples.

    Studies of genetic markers among Jews show that in spite of two millenia of Diaspora, we have maintained out continuity as a nation better than most peoples who have remained in their homelands.

    I am considerably more likely to be a descendant of King David three thousand years ago than you are to be of Brian Boru, one thousand years ago.

    Jews are a more cohesive and well-defined people than most of the nations of Europe. Certainly more so than a heterogeneous rain-and-drink-addled congerie of passersby as the Irish.

    And more entitled to a homeland in the mind of anyone not a mindless bigot. Of course "not a mindless bigot" is not a category that includes either Damien or Christy.

  17. As to Israel, I have repeatedly answered your arguments. You have just been too close-minded and buried in your preconceptions to recognize what you are told.

  18. Damien3:02 PM

    Jews are not a nationality, like I said I don't understand why you would cheer on someone because they are a Jew? I have actually an anglo-saxon bloodline not Irish, despite having Republican tradition in my family, it does not mean I am going to cheer on England in the next world cup (I don't judge my actions and believes on something from centuries ago, that is absolutely ludicrous). I don't understand your logic, it is like something Hitler would come up with. You a racist supremacist Jack, and a complete Joker, and Zionism is a false self-serving illegitimate political viewpoint. I laugh at your ingrained racism.

  19. Christy9:35 AM

    Don't get entangled Damien. You're a potatoe eating boghopper mate. These sort of arguments are beyond the likes of you and me. lets take our bottle of whiskey and get away from this pinnacle of intellectual thought. Come back to the comfert of our wet boggy island Damien and leave this Caesar in peace.

  20. What right does an ignorant Irish peasant, no matter what his pretension to be an Englishman may be, to tell us whether we are a people or not? We have been celebrating our peoplehood since our national epiphany at Sinai, about 3400 years ago.

    We know our history and our identity. We do not need some semi-retarded illiterate islander to tell us what in his cretinous imaginings we are. That these fenian morons would attempt to preach to us what our history and identity are does no more than confirm our already low opinion of them.

    Jews are no more a nationality than are the Irish. And for the same reasons,that we think we are.

    We have thought so and maintained that position to the death since before the western Celts arrived on their Atlantic mudball. That most of us believe in G_d as fervently as the Irish believe in drink confirms rather than contradicts our peoplehood.