Monday, June 01, 2009

How to Defeat the Sotomayor Nomination

[US Second Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Jose Cabranes]

You heard it here first:
[Background - Part of Obama's strategy in nominating Sotomayor is that the GOP risks alienating Hispanic voters if they oppose her.]

My advice to the pack of lying scumbags calling themselves the Republican Party --

If you don't like the nomination make your own. Find a federal judge or even a state supreme court judge who meets the following criteria -
1. Hispanic surname
2. Appointed by a Democrat
3. Moderate or conservative
4. Ideally, a woman
5. Ideally, pro-life or ambivalent
6. Would accept the seat if it were offered

In every discussion of the Sotomayor nomination say that you wanted, say, Judge Gonzales, and were disappointed that the administration nominated a loser like Sotomayor instead. Talk up Gonzales constantly.

Every Republican should constantly mention the same Hispanic judge as the preferred candidate.

Use abortion rights as a wedge issue. Most Hispanics are Catholic and would feel more comfortable with an anti-abortion nominee than a pro-abortion one.

Make the nomination fight a debate between those who want Sotomayor and those who want Gonzales. Publicly claim that you have almost enough votes to confirm Gonzales and that the only thing holding up the confirmation is a handful of Yellow Dog Obama loyalists in the Senate.

Lose hearing in the ear on the side from which you are asked about the President's power to nominate.

Once the Sotomayor nomination is withdrawn you can forget you ever heard of Gonzales or continue to support him/her as suits one's purpose.

[What have I fallen to that I am hoping the Republicans will win something? Then again, what difference does it make which pack of lying scumbags one supports? There is no Change and no Hope.]


  1. Anonymous12:32 PM're advocating the Sara Palin strategy again? That was screamingly successful....

  2. Palin was visibly a moron and delivered no votes. Also if one voted for her, one could be stuck with her as Vice-President, and possibly as President, of the United States.

    The Constitution gives the power to nominate Justices to the President and gives the Senate the power to confirm or reject the nominee.

    I am merely suggesting that the Republican senators should abuse their power by throwing sand in Hispanic voters' eyes. A 'Judge Gonzales' strategy would not appoint anyone to anything. Under the Constitution the only question presented to the Senate is "Sotomayor - yes or no?"

    Pretending the question is "Sotomayor or Gonzales?" would likely fool enough Hispanic voters to undercut the political support for Sotomayor. That would enable the Republicans to filibuster the nomination without taking the political consequences.

  3. Anonymous3:34 PM

    And I saw the Palin move as exactly the same strategy...Clinton or Palin...It seemed at the time that the voters were so besotted with Republicans, right or wrong, that they did not see the obvious dimwittedness of the Republican candidate...I understood your suggestion and felt that the Republicans also abused their power by having anything to do with Palin...It was a patent insult to the female voters of either stripe. I think you underestimate (and perhaps lack respect for) the Hispanic're also forgetting about the women.

  4. Anonymous1:40 AM

    Jack, You are absolutely right. Why don't you send this blog to one of the Republican leaders in the Senate? Whoops! I forgot, there isn't any!

  5. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Oops! Am I bad..forgot to say that I did find you suggestion funny...even though I disagree, it was amusing and well written.