Friday, June 26, 2009


"People love Michael Jackson," said Seth Casteel of California. "He touched so many people over the years."
I am not making this up.

"I moved out to California a year ago because I was inspired by him. It feels a lot more personal than it should, like a family member died. I'm more upset now than when my grandmother died."
Just wasn't that into grandma?

"Never has one soared so high and yet dived so low," said British foreign minister Miliband Tweeted.
Miliband Tweeted?

"He was my first love," said Alesia Crawford, 48, a dentist who lives in Wheaton. "I used to sleep with his album covers."
Too much information, Alesia.

"When I heard the news, " Dana Bullitt of Silver Spring says, "I cried and cried and cried."
Time to check your meds, Dana?

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