Saturday, July 18, 2009

Machines versus Ladies

I was thinking of the way technology changes even our intimate social lives - curiously through the mediation of industrial corporations. In some ways it has been at the expense of women's competitive advantage over men.

When sex was dangerous because of the risks of pregnancy and death during childbirth, and of incurable venereal diseases, women did not consent lightly. Which gave them enormous leverage in negotiating consent. Pharmaceutical corporations now provide products which abate those risks to nil. And women's corresponding leverage of refusing repeatedly without the swain soon seeking greener pastures has vanished. Women have become free, but at the cost of their leverage over men.

Women used also to bribe with prepared food. Now frozen food sellers and microwave manufacturers offer the same. Women are free from having to cook, but again at the cost of their leverage over men.

At the beginning of feminism there was the issue of competing with men, and whether women could or should. Little did they realize that in some ways their real competitors would be corporations. To whom they are losing badly.


  1. Anonymous3:42 PM

    But getting screwed by a corporation is not as nice as getting screwed by a woman.

  2. Lolita7:00 PM

    Thank you, anonymous, you are so right.
    Also, think about it, MOST women are still doing all the cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking and taking care of the children, except for houses owned by obsessive/compulsive men who clean before the cleaning lady comes...or the utterly spoiled women who don't know how to do any of those things. Darling...peel me a grape.....

  3. Anonymous10:39 PM

    I rather like having the leverage...but then again, I'm an old-fashioned feminist, a good cook and obsessive about being compulsive and damn proud thereof.

  4. Having spent my life working at stressful eight hour or more a day jobs, to return 'home' to cook, clean, care for and raise two children and two husbands, I no longer care to be a slave. Retired, I can do as I wish. A superb chef, I continue to please myself and others. Who cares about 'leverage' I said, 'Darling, peel me a grape, fill my ears with intelligent conversation, move my heart...and I might just give in..."...(don't trip on the 'stuff' lying around...)

  5. Women's Liberation is also by the very fact Men's Liberation as well. Peel your own damn grape.

  6. Lolita, you are unclear on the concept. Loss of leverage means that if you want to hold out until somebody peels you a grape, you are going to be holding an unpeeled grape and sleeping alone. Loss of leverage means men no longer have to listen to bullshit like that. We can and will go elsewhere.

  7. Anonymous is still having reading comprehension problems. She "rather likes having the leverage", not having noticed that it doesn't matter what she likes because she no longer has any leverage.

  8. Lolita4:07 AM

    Hmmm...odd -- unclear? No, darling, but you might be. I don't believe I have ever held an unpeeled grape and my bed is rarely cold if I wish it warmed up. I'm usually the one doing the listening, something I am very good at and enjoy thoroughly. When a man is good at not only talking, but also doing, that is. Yes, men can sometimes be great fun....