Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Day So Far

I have rented out my house to an Iranian wedding party for the coming week. When the house is rented I live in the mother-in-law 1 bdrm apt on the side. The Iranians were great. They even invited me to the reception.

AND THEN the main kitchen sink backed up this morning after somebody took a shower upstairs. I did all the denial moves with Drano before calling RotoRooter. The RotoRooter guy is Kennard. He has been here before and I have seen him work. He has a stammer but is an artist with the giant snake machine.

What freaks me out a mile is that the groom's father was looking forward to showing off his cooking by preparing a huge Iranian family feast for everyone. Instead he wound up having to call a caterer. For his son's wedding....

I feel like complete schmuck though there is nothing really I could have done differently, and Kennard did everything that could be wished. It was just bad luck but I still feel responsible. I am obviously going to wind up picking up part of the tab for the caterer which may cost most or all of the rental. Sigh.

Upon reflection I suspect there was something I could have done differently. A day or two earlier at Costco I decided to buy the fancy triple thickness toilet paper to add a tone of small luxuries and considerateness for my tenants. It is entirely possible that that led to the drain clog. Yet another demonstration of the maxim, "No good deed goes unpunished."

Replaced with cheap-feeling thin TP. Package says, "Septic tank safe" which presumably means that it is especially water soluble. A $340 lesson in label-reading.

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