Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I am disappointed by Damien and Christy's ingratitude in not thanking me for formulating a new definition of the Irish. I have called them "a heterogeneous rain-and-drink-addled congerie of passersby".

In all fairness I think that is a far finer and more truthful description of the Irish than Damien's false and bigoted description of the Jews, "not a people".


  1. Christy8:15 AM

    Obvious troll is obvious.

  2. Damien11:11 AM

    Not a nationality is what I said Jack, relative to the point I was making in that thread which you never answered.

  3. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Really, don't you have anything better to do in the middle of the night than dissing the Irish? There has never been a country or civilization in this world with more than a handfull of Jews that has not discriminated or persecuted them. All this because a bunch of young ones were less than perfect tempory tennants? What if they had been Israelies, what would you have to fixate upon then?

  4. How clueless can Anonymous be?

    They were crappy tenants because they are young stupid and irresponsible, the usual foibles of youth.

    That they live within the shabby rationalization that calling their racism anti-Zionism somehow makes it not racism, is inexcusable. That diminishes them as people, disqualifies them from being treated with respect.

    Damien is reduced to the quibble of defending his mindless hostility to the Jewish state, and only to the Jewish state, by saying that Jews are not a people. Oh well, that didn't fly, so not a nation. Well that isn't true. So he is down to whether an ancient people is a nation, a nationality, or a boys choir.

    The fact is that their hatred is directed at the Jewish state and only at the Jewish state and its people.

    I abuse Ireland to show them a little of what it feels like to have one's people endlessly abused by outsiders.

    If these contemptible little bastards insist on abusing not only my people but me personally over and over, what possible reason could I have to treat them and their pathetic little country any better than they
    have treated me and mine?

    James Joyce's "Ulysses" describes in detail and at length the pervasive Jew-hatred of Dublin in 1906.

    Ireland sent condolences to the Nazis when Hitler died, followed by none to the United States when Roosevelt died a few weeks later.

    There is a straight line of continuity from the Irish racism of 1906 to that disgraceful expression of Irish pro-Nazi sympathies in 1945 to the former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, presiding over the scandalous racist Durban Conference of 2001.

    These two brainless little slugs, Damien and Christy, are the products of the racist hypocritical society in which they were raised. Rather than rebel, they wallow in the moral muck of which they are part.

  5. Christy4:28 AM

    You are 100% correct Jack.

  6. Damien6:21 AM

    Not exactly 100% right, he says

    "what possible reason could I have to treat them and their pathetic little country any better than they
    have treated me and mine"

    How have I treated your country, America? I said fuck all about it in general. Not unless you consider Palestine your country because of your Jewish heritage, well that is just laughable.

  7. Israel, the Jewish state, is also my country.

    Damien pretends not to understand that because he is persistent in his racism and insistence that the Jews are not a people. Oddly enough, that question is not up to him nor to any others of his mentally and morally enfeebled race.

    Alternately he is so stupid that he is not pretending but really does not understand. Given that he is Irish, stupidity is a strong candidate for being the explanation.

    It perfectly understandable that he finds my identity laughable. It is on account his own is.

  8. Damien7:19 AM

    More false sweeping statements from Jack. You call me racist, even though I never said one anti-semitic remark (I have questioned why you would support someone because they are Jewish (in the tennis post), I wouldn't cheer someone on because they are of Celtic, Norman or Anglo-Saxon origin, asking about this is not stupidity or racism, its a very legitimate question which you didnt answer, instead you just threw out allegations like the typical wanker you always are) while you go on a racist tirade about the Irish being stupid. It is hypocritical, inaccurate and wrong.
    OK, I will retract what I said about it being laughable that you consider Palestine your country despite you being an American, it is not laughable, its damn right disturbing, dangerous and disgraceful. You are a self-righteous fool and hold dangerously extreme nationalist beliefs.