Sunday, November 22, 2009

Golden State Hotties

I watched part of the Miss California pageant. I don't think of myself as a prude but I was embarrassed by it. Let's not kid ourselves - a woman in a really small bikini is naked. Which is great. Unless she is on a runway in front of hundreds of people who are all staring at her.

I sometimes have dreams about suddenly realizing I am naked in public. They are not my favorite dreams.

Maybe it's a matter of age. Instead of thinking of them as hot babes, I was sorry for the humiliation of their parents. Sigh.



  1. Anonymous6:10 PM

    At last, a real - and kind - male feminist!

  2. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Dream on. Jack masturbates over those girls just like the rest of us male brutes.

  3. No actually, I sleep with women my own age, many of whom find me adorable. And they're right.