Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Zionist Goes Down the Toilet

[After the crash]
I am going to spend the day cleaning the house in preparation for tenants who will be here tomorrow afternoon. Usually I have Karina, an illiterate Mexican cleaning lady, come and clean the house for me for bubkes. I both didn't think to call her in time and also am loath to spend the money.

Which is a mark of how much I have come down in the world. In 2005 I had a nice apartment in Paris and a house near San Francisco. In 2009 I am competing with a Mexican cleaning lady for work.

As a good Zionist I should perform every role in society, not just traditional Jewish ones like being a small business owner. Israel-haters talk about the "dark side" of Zionism. Little do they know it means cleaning toilets oneself instead of paying someone else to do it.

Will I do it again next time? Hell NO! Screw Ben-Gurion.

My task is lightened by my having figured out how to record music onto an iPod from CD's. Then I set it to shuffle play and have got it to play through the stereo. Wynton Marsalis playing trumpet is a joy. He is soooo good!

I recorded in Apple Lossless format so the music on the iPod should be exactly as good as on the CD. But it still has to go through the iPod's earphone amplifier which has analog output. I have sent for an inexpensive iPod dock that will send the unaltered digital signal instead. And it comes with a little white remote control. How cool is that?

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