Tuesday, March 09, 2010

These are the "Moderates" with whom we should negotiate?

from Palestinian Media Watch -
PA to Name Square for Murderer of 37 on Anniversary of Her Attack
by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

Another chapter is unfolding in the ongoing confrontation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority over the naming of a square after the terrorist Dalal Mughrabi. In December, Palestinian Media Watch publicized that the Municipality of Ramallah planned to name a public square in honor of the terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, who led the worst terror attack in Israel's history when she and other terrorists hijacked a bus and murdered 37civilians in 1978. Prime Minister Netanyahu immediately protested to the US and sharply criticized the PA for its intention to name the square in Ramallah "after a terrorist who killed dozens of Israelis."
The official PA daily newspaper reports today that the PA has chosen to ignore PM Netanyahu's criticism and protests to the US. Not only does itstill intend to name the square after the terrorist, but the date chosen for the inaugural ceremony is this Thursday, March 11, the 32nd anniversary of the terror attack.
Since PMW's exposure of the story, PA leaders have repeatedly rejected PM Netanyahu's criticism while defending the practice of honoring murderers, whom they honor as Martyrs (Shahids). PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas also referred to the terror attack as "military activities."


  1. Jasmin1:10 PM

    Jack, naming a square after a martyr of our people is just. However, building illegal settlements in land that is internationally recognised as Palestinian is very unjust, get off your moral perch you ignorant old fool

  2. Actually Jasmin, you are not a woman, not an Arab, not a Gazan, not even a person. You are a troll, probably Christy. No more comment posts for you, asshole.

  3. Lolita7:33 PM

    Gee, Jack... Jasmin's mother must have washed her mouth out with soap, that post is quite quaint and her swearing is limited for a change.

  4. Nick Danger11:16 PM

    Box score:
    Jack +7
    Lolita +3
    Jasmin -3

  5. Jasmin3:18 PM

    You got one thing right, I am not an Arab, the rest was wrong though foolish man

  6. Anonymous12:31 AM

    Get rid of all these posts. They are vile people.

  7. Jasmin2:56 PM

    How dare you call me vile, you can't even dignify yourself with a name? And Jack, I'm persian for the record, not that it matters. I also never said I was Gazan, I said I was in Gaza. Predictably wrong as always.

  8. Actually Jasmin, it matters considerably. If you were a Gazan, your problem would be that you are unable to take responsibility for your own condition. Unable to recognize that shooting rockets at your powerful neighbors and gathering in howling mobs demanding their deaths, is the source of the misery in Gaza.

    But being a Persian means, since you were raised in an oil-rich country with a decent educational system, that your motives are purely bigotry. It also means that your silly name-calling fury arises not from the social catastrophe of Gaza but from your own personal disorders.