Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Message to the President

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Dear Mr. President,
In 2008 I mistakenly drove from California to Colorado to spend two weeks walking precincts in Grand Junction as a volunteer on your campaign. That was in hopes of getting a government with moral and rational policies.

You chose to condemn Israel for authorizing apartments in eastern Jerusalem while ignoring the PA honoring the terrorist who bombed a Jerusalem bus, killing all 37 passengers, by naming the town square in Ramallah for her.

The authorization of the housing and the naming of the square took place the same week, both coinciding with Vice-President Biden's visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories. I have been unable to imagine a legitimate reason for your administration's outspokenness on the one and silence on the other.

You and your administration apparently have no morals and no rational policies. At best you are bought by enemies of Israel, for sale like the standard Illinois politicians you apparently were all along.

You, your administration, your party, and your damage control efforts, can all just go to hell.,0,6405456.story

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