Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why I am no longer a Democrat

Egged bus no. 19 - Neither forget nor forgive

Last week the mayor of Jerusalem approved the construction of 1600 housing units in the eastern part of Jerusalem. The same week, the day after Vice-President Biden visited Ramallah, the PA mayor of that town named the central square there for Dalal Mughrabi, the woman who blew up a Jerusalem city bus, killing 37 Israeli civilians including two children.

The Obama administration responded by harshly criticizing Israel for endangering the ostensibly impending peace talks. It called into question, they said, Israel's intentions toward an eventual two state solution. This criticism was voiced by all three of President Obama, Vice-President Biden, and Secretary of State Clinton. Not a word of the honoring of Dalal Mughrabi was mentioned.

One might argue that honoring the murderess of 37 Israelis did not exactly "send the right message" about the peaceful intentions of the PA either.

Until the Administration changes its policy of one-sidedly criticizing Israel, I am not interested in Boxer or any other Democrat. But Biden, Obama, and Clinton said not a word about that. If the Democrats are not on our side, I am not on theirs.

Presumably some of the reason for the Administration's statements was public posturing for the sake of its political and military positions in Iraq and Afghanistan, to mollify Muslims on their side and to avoid further antagonizing those opposed. That in no way excuses their silence on the naming of the Ramallah public square for the mass murderer Dalal Mughrabi.

As for the substance of the PA doing that, the message of the PA to Israel could not be more explicit. The message is that they regard murdering Israelis as a good thing and that they have no intention of EVER living in peace with Israel.

Given that, the Israelis would be crazy to make any concessions to them ever. There are only a few logical policies toward people who are explicit about wanting you dead. One is to kill them first. Another is to progressively marginalize them onto less and less land so they will be less and less able to make good on their intentions. The building of 1600 housing units on Israeli land that the PA claims would be a step in the right direction.

Just as the Gazans are outraged when their rocket barrage against Israel provokes exactly the reprisal one would expect, so too with the PA. They are outraged when, having proclaimed that they intend to forever do all they can to kill Israelis, the Israelis do what they can to undermine the prospects of a possible PA state and diminish its possible territory.

The authorization of the 1600 housing units by Israel is the logical outcome of the naming of the Ramallah square for the mass-murderess Dalal Mughrabi by the PA. As we have long-since learned to expect, the Palestinians are outraged by the consequences of their own actions.


  1. Christy4:14 PM

    What is the long term aim from building 1,600 houses in this area? Where will that leave the peace process? Israel had to withdraw its settlements from the Gaza Strip and sooner or later will have to do so in the West Bank - you're clinging on to the 70s and 80s when you fail to realise the way the world is changing. Obstinante insistence of 'a greater Israel' will only have one realistic ending. Stand up against history all you want Jack, but so long as Israel continues to build on land that doesn't belong to it, it will never be able to find peace.

  2. Nick Danger11:43 PM

    Perhaps Christy's questions and comments can be answered by the following: What is the long-term aim or purpose in Ramallah's mayor naming the town square after a suicide bomber who killed Israeli bus riders? How does this serve the peace process? How can the Arabs seriously believe that the Israelis will then take them seriously as "peace partners"?

    Israel was compelled (read "forced") to evacuate Gaza by the U.S. in the latter's mistaken belief that this action would "further the peace process". All evidence shows that it has not. Israel is not likely to withdraw even a small fraction of its towns from the West Bank (which Israel calls by its proper name, Samaria), mainly because the area is too close to Jerusalem. And this, despite the aims of the Obama administration.

    It will be the Arabs, if they persist in their present and past policies, attitudes and behaviors, who will never find peace, not the Israelis.

  3. Jasmin5:57 AM

    Dalal, was a beautiful person and an outstanding freedom fighter. There is a distinct difference between freedom fighters and terrorists, Dalal was an inspiration. That disgusting rat that I'll not even honour with a name, is now serving as defense minister, he shot at the dead corpse of Dalal Mughrabi, this is the kind of rat the Palestinian people had to struggle with. Israel continue to build settlements, everyone disagrees with them Jack and criticizes Israeli pigs for building them, even your once beloved Democratic Party. Israel is an illegal rat nation that the world wants rid off, and rightly so.

  4. Jasmin10:24 AM

    I would also add that the wonderful Dalal is an example and true inspiration to all Islamic women even in today's society. And before you jump to bark Jack, I am not saying her actions have a place today, they clearly don't and were only just in the context of its time, I am referring to her bravery, pro-activeness and integrity, it is these qualities which make the Islamic world praise her excellence.

  5. In a word, Jasmin, fuck you. I hope you will take it with equal grace when I cheer the next time an Iranian bus full of Iranian women and children goes out of control over a cliff and everyone in it is killed. Including, with luck, you personally, Jasmin.

  6. Jasmin6:41 PM

    That's two words Jack, learn to count. Cheer all you like, it suits your character. I don't condone Hamas but I certainly don't condone Israel and your double standards.

  7. Jasmin is right. There is a distinct difference between freedom fighters and terrorist. A freedom fighter has the courage to fight against the armed soldiers of the oppressive regime. A terrorist is a coward who kills defenseless people, including women and children. Which should explain why Jasmin favors them - because she is so blinded by her own empty bigotry and hatred that she cannot see that she has become such a monster that she admires the murderers of defenseless men, women, and children. You have fallen beneath even the lowest level of humanity and have become a dangerous animal.

    Jasmin, if I were as despicable a thing as you are, I would applaud the death of defenseless Iranian men, women, and children. In fact I would applaud only yours.

  8. Jasmin6:54 PM

    But you said less than half an hour ago you would applaud such an event, therefore, by your own admission, you have fallen beneath even the lowest level of humanity and have become a dangerous animal. Or are we saying your infamous double standards again?

  9. Au contraire. Israeli bus riders are innocent people. They deserve to be protected. You, Jasmin, are a terrorist-murderer sympathizer. You deserve what you wish on others.

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