Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life On Other Worlds Three - Detection




  1. Jasmin4:01 PM

    The world hates Isael Jack, you should write more about that.

  2. Actually, Jasmin, the world hates Muslims because you are hyper-aggressive violent bigots.

  3. Admirer of Fascism?8:23 AM

    Why was my comment deleted? I wonder it is ironic for an admirer of fascism to complain about censorship?

  4. Jasmin10:38 AM

    No Jack, only a sectarian bigot would generalize a religious grouping and hate them based on such a generalization. Actually, Jack, hatred of the Israeli state is a legitimate political position based on the rat-state's illegitimate illegal existence, you disgusting dog.

  5. A of F – I deleted your comment because it was stupid and pointless.

    Jasmin - I was just mirroring your ignorant remark about the world hating Israel.

    So far from being hated, Israel is the only country in the Middle East that is an associate member of the European Union. Not Egypt, not Tunisia, not Morocco, not even Turkey – Israel. Israel is greatly admired for having built a successful society in a region of the world otherwise inhabited largely by hate-filled morons like you Jasmin. It is lost on no one that Israel has built a prosperous free society with farms, schools, factories, arts and letters, symphony orchestras and research universities, an effective army and air force, an open democratic state and society. At the same time the surrounding societies, including Iran, have decayed further into a backwardness full of screaming hate-filled primitives like you Jasmin.

    Every single one of the developing countries hopes to become a society like Israel; not one hopes to become like any Muslim country.

    Jasmin your name-calling is so childish that in our country we are expected to outgrow such behavior by the time we are seven or eight years old. But then again, that is all you have, isn't it? No facts, no arguments, just hatred and name-calling.

    Not that any of your invective is worth replying to, but just to tweak your stupid little nose, I would add that Israel was created by resolution of the United Nations at a time when that body still had some moral authority with which to confer legitimacy.

    By contrast, the Islamic Republic of Iran was created by violent mobs overthrowing an ancient and legitimate monarchy. Worse, it reached its present form by a hidden coup that saddled a country that had wanted a constitutional democracy with a reactionary theocracy. Its constituencies are not those who overthrew the Shah but the most ignorant and backward segments of Iranian society. Does an ignorant street-shouter like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad represent the educated middle classes of Teheran and other cities? I think not.

    The illegitimate state is yours, tootsie.