Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Change We Can Believe In

[Jews praying at the Western Wall of a 6th Century BCE Jewish "settlement"]

from today's Arutz Sheva:
Since President Obama's presidential campaign in 2008, when he had told Jewish leaders that Jerusalem is Israel’s undivided capital, he has labeled as “settlements” the Jewish neighborhoods in areas where the PA claims sovereignty. After his campaign statement on the “undivided” capital, he retreated from his position, saying that he meant that the city is not separated by the barbed wire that was present when Jordan occupied the city from 1949 until 1967.
Which would include the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.

Why do I keep getting the feeling that this guy is the worst lying sack of shit since Nixon?



  1. Jasmin2:06 PM

    Got over it, the world now rejects Israeli fascism.

  2. I assume this "Jasmin" is Christy trolling again. Let me start off by saying that you Christy/Abood/Jasmin are a juvenile racist little asshole.

    Second, Israeli fascism seems to include free elections, free speech, multi-party democracy, labor unions, women's rights, and freedom of religion. Arab democracy, and especially Palestinian democracy don't include any of those.

    So I can see why, as the childish little Islamophile antisemitic piece of racist shit that you are, that you would want Palestinian "democracy" for Ireland. Christy/Abood/Jasmin, with all due respect, you are worthless scum. Stop writing to us.

  3. Christy5:36 AM

    Why do I get bunched together with all the trolls? Have you any proof whatsoever that I am Jasmin? Who am I going to be next, David Pelfrey?

  4. Christy you are such a transparent moron. You have no clue at all how obvious you are. And you certainly haven't the brains to pretend to be David Pelfrey.