Saturday, July 24, 2010



I was in the kitchen cooking some chicken dish, chopping veggies and slicing tomatoes, when I got to thinking about gifts. About how most gifts are nice and you use them up or wear them out or don't ever use them at all, putting them in a drawer and forgetting about them. Most "things" are not designed to last long and don't. But a few years ago, when you were flush with money, (probably the Irish lads' deposit) you came up here for my birthday and spent far too much on a high end set of knives. I have to tell you I love those knives, especially the 8" chefs knife, I use them every day, and I have a fleeting thought of you whenever I use one. They will outlast me, they'll outlast Lisa. Someday Mia or Lucy will probably have them. (I bought Nate and Berni a nice set of their own.)

The perfect gift. Thanks again.


PS I have cut myself several times using them, but it was always my fault, not the knifes. And always a nice, clean cut.


  1. Damien1:12 PM

    Funny how karma works and all your money and investments got wiped away a couple of months later. Now I work recovering money of suckers like you and make a goddam mint. How life is good!

  2. Actually, I still have plenty of money. I am just not rolling in it anymore.

    Damien, I assume by "recovering money" you mean you are a debt collector. You are a petty hoodlum operating just within the edge of the law - everyone's idea of a creep. Which doesn't surprise me in the least.

    Your sleazy job harassing the indebted on behalf of creditors who have purchased debt instruments at a discount is just what one would expect of a declasse racist like you.

    I would remind you that your "mint" is a minor fraction of what your "employer" is making. It also speaks volumes that you imagine yourself a leftist while working as a running dog and hired goon of the very worst and most exploitive form of capitalism.

    You seethe with anti-semitism yet are the lackey of actual, not imaginary, moneylenders.

    Which confirms my suspicion that the inner spring of anti-semitism is projecting one's guilt and consciousness of worthlessness onto the Other. You are the very symbol of the hypocrisy and projection at the heart of antisemitism.

    And you even have the moral cluelessness to brag about your self-degradation. Way to go Damien!

  3. Damien10:15 AM

    Ha, got it in one Jack! I love ruining lives just like Israeli's love ruining Arabs and I ain't no leftist or anti-semite, you must be confusing me with Christy. In fact I've come full circle recently and fully support Israels ongoing struggle against its medieval behaving neighbors only when its legitimate, that doesn't mean I won't be critical when they lower themselves through their actions. You penniless wench!

  4. Damien10:30 AM

    And obviously my mint isn't a fraction, I earn my employers circa €3m per annum. I take pride in that :)

  5. What, you only screw the poor out of three million euros a year? And all it costs you is your soul, your self-respect, and the respect of others. And you get a tiny fraction of the three million in return? What a deal for you! Congratulations!