Saturday, July 03, 2010

Modern Times

In the end we all die. Which is a big defeat.

So it is important to win small victories along the way. Yesterday's small victory for me was that Kragen had the headlight bulbs for my car, and had them in stock. Today's small victory was that I was able to install them. And they work.

As usual it was not as simple as I had assumed. In the old days a headlight lamp was a clear glass bulb with two parallel filaments in it. Regular beam was when one of the filaments was lit. High beam was when both were lit.

No longer. Nowadays, by which I mean 1995 when the car was made, the low beams and the high beams are two separate lamps on each side, making a total of four. Nor are they simple, easily visualizable bulbs either. They are sophisticated and electronic-looking instead. As one might expect, the two kinds of electronic-looking lamps are confusingly similar but not interchangeable.

It is tacitly assumed that one knows this and will not spend an undue amount of time trying to put a triangular peg in an almost triangular hole. I spent only a due amount of time attempting this, largely because I started with a lucky guess.

Assuming one can find the right ones to replace, they are wonderfully simple to install. They require no tools to snap into place.

Life is grand.


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  1. Love the video. Frank Sinarta's voice is amazing.