Monday, October 27, 2008

Imminent Collapse of Volunteerist Freebyism

[David Ben-Gurion]

I used GIMP to select the white background around Chairman Mao's head, then painted the selected area red. The result stinks. It might have worked better by manipulating layers and opacity but I don't know how to do that yet. There is also something in the instructions about the selected pixels being selected along a gradient of the degree selected. The gradient is a settable parameter. I understand what the words mean but not what that means in practice. One would think a pixel would be either selected or not selected. But apparently not.

If I could do the same with selecting candidates, I think I would select an image composed of about 72% Obama pixels and 28% McCain pixels. Maybe 1% Nader pixels -- Director of Consumer Affairs, with instructions to everybody else in government not to even accept his phone calls. 1% for Buchanan to say insulting racist pixels about Arabs but not about Jews.

Then I would use stacked layers to create an image of 70% Joe Leiberman pixels, 20% Joe Biden pixels, and 50% Joe David Ben-Gurion pixels....

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