Saturday, October 18, 2008


So far this month I have made up the word 'matriotism', coined the expression 'Great Depression 2.0', and been the first to observe that GOP stands for 'Grind the faces Of the Poor'. Does anybody invite me out to dinner? Name an outhouse after me? No, they do not. I labor in obscurity. Oh well, I might as well please myself since nobody else is paying attention. Sigh. Is anybody out there?


  1. OK, you get matriotism. I've heard Depression 2.0 before. But "Grind the faces of the Poor"? That's GFP, not GOP. I thought Cheney said it was Gas Oil Petroleum.

  2. There may be but a few, dear Jack, who are still keen to appreciate your witticisms, your coinage and your splendid observations. Trust us. We will ride out your obsessive behaviors, and be with you 'til you try to shake us off. Good luck at that!

    As for your Saturday limric...... I want to read the one about Jack -- same subject, different name.