Friday, October 24, 2008

One Measure of Whether You Have Been Wiped Out

in the stock market is when you have less than half of what you had last year. I have lost 55% of what I had last year. I have been wiped out. But not completely. There is still the remaining 45% to lose. There is still no sign that half of the remaining less-than-half won't vanish in the next few months. I have lost 35% this past month alone.

The Republicans are running around repeating the same economic nonsense as always -- that the problem is too much government and we need more tax cuts for the rich. They seem unable to learn. One can hope Republican numbers in the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives go the same way my money has gone. Maybe their getting wiped out will help them learn. The Democrats won't solve the problem but at least we'll have a different set of assholes to screw things up.


  1. Sorry for your loss...I'm not smart enough to invest for myself. I give it to some young buck at Merrill Lynch. So far we are down only about 20%. He has our money in all sorts of stuff that isn't so subject to the whims of wall street. It's nice to know that I can loose another 30% before I am wiped out. The way things are going, I'll probably get there.

    Fortunately you and I can wait the twenty or thirty years for it to come back. We'll only be in our late eighties or nineties. Think what fun we'll have with our money then.

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