Monday, November 10, 2008

Exportng Democracy

[the 46th president]

Declining demand for Chinese goods has led to factory closings and rising unemployment there. And, it is assumed, to political and social unrest. The government of China, after consistently denying that the world economic downturn would affect China, has announced a $586 billion economic stimulus package.

Apparently the Politburo, seeing that the economic downturn led the Americans to change their government, have decided that is a bad precedent and are doing their best not to follow it.

When I was a youth gerontocracy seemed a terrible idea. Now it is starting to make sense.

Now that Gen-X is in power, we have dodged a bullet in that the president is black. Blacks do not tattoo well. But our luck will not hold. It is just a matter of time until a Gen-Y president is inaugurated with a butterfly on her breast and a ring in her nose.


  1. And I'm all "Four Score and like seven years ago, you know"

  2. And the reply to the Chief Justice holding the bible will be, "Whatever"