Sunday, August 30, 2009

By the way and just for the hell of it

Here is President Obama's birth certificate as published by the LA Times on June 8, 2008.

[click on document to enlarge]
There is something noteworthy about it that I have never heard mentioned by anyone. It is hard to imagine that with all the barrels of ink spilled over this thing that I could have something original to say about it. But I do.

Notice that he is "Barack Hussein Obama II". I have never heard that "II" mentioned before.

It explains something that has bothered me right along. If his mother wasn't a convert to Islam, why did she name her son "Hussein"? Doesn't that mean his mother raised him as a Muslim? If he isn't a Muslim why didn't he change it?

There in the birth certificate is the answer.

He is named after his father who was "Barack Hussein Obama". He didn't change it, however inconvenient it may occasionally have been, because it was his father's name.

One wonders why he never uses the "II". A moment's thought explains it. This guy is a Harvard lawyer without a drop of American black blood in him who has spent his entire political career trying to convince American blacks that he is one of them. He is Winston Dupont IV trying to pass himself off as one of the boyz in the 'hood. So the "II" got dropped right away.

I am relieved that it is just the usual bullshit.


  1. Nick Danger12:03 AM

    This much-published form is only part of the problem. A "Certification of Live Birth" form is not a legal birth certificate. It has no legal standing as a "birth certificate", any more than a notice in the newspaper. The correct form is entitled "Certificate of Birth Registration", and it is issued by a state's Department of Vital Statistics, not by its Department of Health. Mr. Obama, or more precisely Mr. Barry Sotoro, has to date not produced for the public's free examination, his true birth certificate, and thus has not to date proven his status as a "natural born U.S. Citizen", which is the first requirement of a U. S. President. We are supposed to be a "nation of laws", and the President should be honest enough to provide proof that he meets the first legal requirement of his office. Say what you will, but these are the facts.

  2. Christy4:52 AM

    Nick Danger is 20 times the cock that Jack Kessler is. Thats saying something.

  3. Nick, if you don't believe the document that says he is Barack Hussein Obama II, why do you believe the document that says he is Barry Sotoro?