Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In Memoriam - Ted Kennedy

Just as the death of Michael Jackson made the nation amnesiac about his pederasty, so too the death of Ted Kennedy has made the nation amnesiac about Chappaquiddick. Mary Jo Kopechne is still dead.


  1. THe problem here is assumptions. The only one who knows what happened at Chappaquiddick just died. You can assume all sorts of lurid and sordid things about what happened and why. But you could also assume that it was just an accident.

    Why you choose to define a good mans life by something tragic that happened fifty years ago is beyond me.

  2. Damien10:21 AM

    Although I wasn't born at the time like ye old farts, I am with Jack on this one.
    Whether or not he killed her (and it is very dubious), he was in a car under the influence, he fled the scene, left her drowning and left it unreported, that isn't the measure of "a good man", it's the measure of a heartless, sick individual.
    If he wasn't a Kennedy, he'd have rightly served a proper sentence for his crimes.

  3. And yeah, I wonder will people celebrate the life of a killer the same way they celebrated the life of a pedophile.

  4. Anonymous1:53 PM

    You're forgetting about all the positive legislation and charitable causes he has served in his long life. there comes a time in life that one needs to let accidents (or other) be as they have been decided. If he had been convicted of a vicious cold blooded murder it might be a different matter. I'm with Harvey....let it go.

  5. You guys are such assholes. Damien, were you there? Was he "under the influence" or had he had a drink or two during the evening. Did he flee the scene or did he stagger off, shaken and hurt. Did he leave her drowning or did he do what he could to save her until it was too late. I don't know, you don't either. No wonder most of your comments are so stupid, you base them on things you wish to be true rather than what is known.

  6. Christy3:57 PM

    I'd like to know the extent of Damiens knowledge about it. As far as I can tell he left the scene of a terrible accident and didn't report it until the following day. Pretty terrible thing to do. The facts don't tell a wider story, to suggest that he may have played a part in killing her is either stupidity or just a simplistic rant based on boredom. I'd like to think its the latter. But anyway. As far as I'm concerned he redeemed himself in a long and distinguished political career, one of the few good advertisements of the American Republic in action.

  7. Anonymous12:03 AM

    It is a specious argument to believe that the alleged killing of an innocent life can be overlooked because of all the liberal crap that Kennedy pushed through Congress.
    How the stupid people of my home state of Massachusetts could re-elect him time and time again for 47 years is hard to fathom
    even for any sane and rational mind. Redeem himself? Only in hell !