Saturday, August 08, 2009

Other Good Things

[Scotland's royal coat of arms with national motto
'My Country, Drunk or Sober']
Among the not-so-good things in life are the annoyances of age, things that hurt when there is no good reason for them to.

Fortunately, among the good things that come with age is scotch whiskey (when is it 'whisky' instead?). It works much like codeine. Having taken it, it either doesn't hurt anymore or one doesn't care.

The cretins at Trader Joe's apparently bought their supply when sterling was over $2. So their prices reflect what they paid for it, rather than the more modest price of pounds today - $1.62.

Since I use it for medicinal purposes, it seems only right that Medicare should pay for it, no? But they won't. Write your congressthing now to right this inequity. Free the El Cerrito One! Involuntary Sobriety is Tyranny! Or something.

In spite of its high price ($30) I recommend Trader Joe's house brand 12 year old single malt 'Imperial'. Their same price, same age, same brand, 'Aberlour' is not as good.


  1. Christy3:30 PM

    Thats what you get for buying over priced piss.

    Get a bottle of Highland Cream for yourself, and a little Coca Cola. I hope you enjoy the irony of an Irishman advising you to buy a Scottish whiskey (We invented it, those bastards just learnt to market it)

  2. and Coca Cola? Good lord!

  3. Christy3:08 PM

    What do you normally drink Whiskey with? Out of all the mixers it tastes the best. Then again, you're a better man than me if you can drink it straight.

  4. Christy3:09 PM

    This just reminded me of how different American coke tastes. Its like they add so many extra chemicals to it to permanantly keep the American brain in manky condition. Maybe it mightn't work out just as well.