Thursday, August 06, 2009

More Muslim Weirdness

It occurs to me that since Muslim men can marry four wives, does it mean that when they double-date that ten people go out together? How does it work if one gets lucky with dates 2 and 4 but shot down by 1 and 3?


  1. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Jack.... Jack.... wake up Jack. You're dreaming again.

    p.s. a note from one of your apolitical admirers.

  2. Christy3:35 AM


    How does Mormonism work in the U.S.? I'm pretty sure those guys are practically under your bed. Maybe you should take your prejudicial fears and anxieties closer to home. God forbid the Muslims look at building a Mosque in El Cerrito!

  3. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Christy, I have been reading Jack's blog for awhile and all I can say is that you and your friend Damien are BORING!!!!

    Just negative one note people. Blah, blah, blah.

  4. Christy9:53 AM

    The reason we are negative one note people is because we were royally screwed over by Mr. Kessler this time last year, which included his libellous accusation of theft on our part of his poncy CD collection (Though I do confess I eyed up his VHS collection on the American Civil War documentary series)

    I got sucked into the blog a while back due to some pretty insane posting over the Palestinian situation, and seem incapable of leaving. The natural result of being without a job I suppose... And in a way, I have warmed to Jack and his eccentricities. He may post occassional madness but there is some wit there, buried beneath a blanket of indignation and arrogance.

  5. Absolutely Christy, G_d forbid you should screw up my house and then have to forfeit your security deposit. Which was there in case you screwed up my house, wasn't it?

    Another alternative would have been to not act like a bunch of primitives with no respect for anybody or anything, and not have forfeited your deposit.

    I have been renting this place in one format or another since 1992. In all that time your lot were the first and only not to get every dollar of their deposit back.

    Treating others and their stuff with contempt will generally not lead to others treating you and your stuff with respect.

  6. Damien10:01 AM

    Well, I haven't warmed to anything. Jack is, and will always a remain a dirty thief and a complete and utter dickhead. I also see a difference between warm eccentricities and mindless bigotry. I just enjoy coming on the odd time and reminding Jack how much of an ignorant cunt he is.

  7. Christy4:12 AM

    He probably thinks your an ignorant cunt too though.

  8. Christy4:13 AM

    And he probably thinks the same about me.

  9. Christy10:07 AM

    Yawn... This was one of your poorer attempts at humour Jack. Sometimes there is wit knocking about but this time certainly wasn't one of them...

  10. Actually I like cunts. All good things come from them. Pleasure and babies. They are warm, soft, and fuzzy. Lovely against one's cheek. Taste good (not a village in Ireland, they say) and fun to sing to, or even hum a tune in.

    A woman who will share hers regularly is often a sweetheart well worth taking home to meet your parents.

    Even if it doesn't work out everytime, good times are good times and worth looking back on fondly.

    But I can see why cunts and twats would be unpopular in your country, an insult even. In your country they are despised because they are the source of even more Irishmen.

    Ignorance however has less to recommend it.

  11. Christy1:06 PM


  12. Damien4:42 PM

    A twat is the exact same thing is a cunt Christy, and Jack yes warm and soft but its also something you must likely havent seen in the last few decades. Quieten down old man!