Thursday, February 21, 2008

Down Came the Rain

A pretty silver-gray day. I am conflicted in that I am enjoying the rain but don't want to go out in it. It is like admiring someone but not liking them. Even so urgency in and of itself is a reason to do things. Life passes us by else. And that is a matter of life and death, arguably something to take seriously.

I have decided that it is madness to have this enormous RV and never go anywhere in it. It is living with relatives now, the Golden Gate Truck Center ("your Freightliner chassis' home away from home") but it should come back soon with all new pneumatic control valves and ride properly. I have to get the heater working (I think it just needs a new switch.) and I am good to go.

I can spend days like this one at Fort Ross, in the Sierra, in Death Valley, Humboldt, the Oregon Coast, anywhere. Not every trip has to be to the end of the world.

For short trips it is not as risky-unto-suicidal to take a companion as for longer ones. Presumably any two people, no matter how mistakenly they chose one another, can tolerate one another for two days if they know it will be over in a few more hours. But not every time. I cannot imagine a woman who will let me read, daydream out the window, read some more, take a nap, then read and daydream some more, drink beer in the afternoon. Even if she would let me be, I would feel that I needed to attend to her, to take responsibility for her not being bored. So I wouldn't let me be, even if she would.

There are small errands I can run on a day like this. I need milk. I don't like coffee without milk so it is an issue. I bought a carrying case for this laptop at Staples and it is too small so I should return it.  I should return Nancy and Bohun's Jumpin' Johnny covered pot that they left here on New Year's Eve, not quite a sixth of a year ago. There is lots of stuff to do, all of it trivial. Some of it is not so trivial. I am two years behind in sending in my tax returns. I really have to send them in. Really.


  1. if you are going to the north country fair, do stop in for a visit to the new Chez Rappaport. Even if you have a companion, we have room.

    if they improve this blog site any more, it will be totally unusable.

  2. Nick Danger2:29 AM

    Once again, your insight overtakes you. I am greatly impressed.

  3. North Country Far coming up in latter part of May on way to North Country Real Far.