Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hoofers #1

ONe expects little among the prosperous mudflats on which Sacramento is built. Yet I found a gem there. The Sacramento Ballet performed 'Streetcar Named Desire' last week. Like most modern ballet it has evolved away from classical forms toward modern dance. Yet the evolution here is not objectionable. It is not done out of mindless self-indulgent latest-moment fashionableness. Here it is done for the sound and reasonable purpose of acting out a play-in-dance, as opera is a play-in-song. Even without words, the story is powerfully affecting.

I assumed as a matter of course that the choreography was done in New York, London, or LA and imported to the mudlands of the capital. I was surprised unto astonished that it was written by Sacramento Ballet's own Artistic Director, Ron Cunningham, now in his 20th year there.

If 'Streetcar Named Desire' is representative, the Sacramento Ballet is worth a drive from places even as remote as, say, Chico.

Note: Do not get carried away and get seats in the front row. From there the orchestra railing prevents the viewer from seeing the dancers' feet when they are in the front part of the stage. Not seeing them defeets the purpose.

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